The truth awards coolness and peace to the hearts By Mohammad Rafique Etesame The truth creates coolness of peace in the hearts. When a faithful believer follows the commands of Allah All-Mighty and acts upon the teachings of Islam, then he feels the coolness of peace and tranquility in his heart. According to The holy Qur'an hearts of the Muslim believers get peace, calmness and tranquility by the remembrance of Allah. There are many categories of remembrance or dhikr, for example, offering Slat for five times daily, paying the poor due i.e. Zakat, reciting the holy Qur'an, and to recite SubhanAllah, Allaho-Akbar, Alhamdu lillah, and Lailahah Illallah etc. So when a Muslim does these dhikar, he feels unlimited inner coolness and state of peace. Likewise, when a Muslim serves his parents or helps the needy or if he is a judge of a court and decides with truth, then he feels unlimited peace and coolness in his heart. On the other hand, when he commits sins or abuses others or does backbiting etc, then he feels heat, unrest, and dissatisfaction in his heart due to these sins. So, it is the duty of a Muslim believer that he should do ‘dhikar’more and more and stop himself from committing sins and disobedience of Allah All-Mighty so that he may get inner peace, tranquility and coolness of his heart.