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15 Top Most Popular Websites

This is a discussion on 15 Top Most Popular Websites within the Website Reviews forums, part of the IT Cafe category; 15 Top Most Popular Websites 1- Google It is one of the most popular websites around the globe. It also ...

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    15 Top Most Popular Websites

    15 Top Most Popular Websites

    It is one of the most popular websites around the globe. It also acts as a search point for news, images, videos, blogs and many other specialized categories. Other services provided by Google include email service, blog creation, web publication, social networking, chatting and instant messaging and many more.

    YouTube is a popular multimedia website that helps its users view, upload and share videos. If you have registered with the website, you have the ability to upload an unlimited number of video clips. However, unregistered users can only search and view the website contents.

    Facebook is the most popular and the most frequently used social networking website, which allows its registered users to communicate, share information, pictures, videos and links of common interest with each other. All users are allowed to develop their user profile, search for friends, family members and other people that they might know from somewhere and connect with them.

    Yahoo just as Google is a website that acts as a search engine and directory for the websites on the World Wide Web. By using keywords or queries, we can search for the topic of our interest and find websites that we are looking for. In addition to this, we can also search for images, news, videos, blogs and many other categories of information. It also has an email service along with a messenger facility.

    Amazon is an online retail store that got its start by selling books online then diversifying into a wide range of products and services. Today it is considered as one of the most successful ecommerce business entities. People can buy loads of different things from this website while sitting in the comfort of their homes. It has revolutionized the phenomenon of shopping and given birth to the concept of online store.

    Wikipedia is a website that is working as a free online encyclopedia for internet users. It provides brief information about millions of topics around the world. It is available in more than 250 different languages and volunteers from all around the globe work to update its articles and information. It provides references and links to other sources of information and helps researchers work on their projects with authenticity.

    The eBay is one of the largest consumer-to-consumer web stores. Also known as the world’s largest market place, it allows internet users to post and share their classified advertisements with other internet users. It has thousands of categories and allows uploading of pictures and other related information by the users. Buyers and sellers can compare and come together for profitable transactions using this as a virtual market place.

    Twitter is a social networking website that allows its registered users to post and share comments and information about various topics and areas of interest. These opinions or statements are known as tweets and unregistered users only have the liberty to read them. You can find friends and colleagues using the search option and follow them around on twitter.

    Bing is also a web search engine that allows internet users to find the websites and pages of their interest by typing in keywords about them. It also has a search option for news, blogs, images, video, etc.

    MSN is a bundle of web services provided by the online giant, Microsoft. Over the years, it has evolved tremendously and is one of the most popular and most visited websites today. It provides internet service, email, instant messaging and much much more.

    Microsoft is the software and hardware computing organization that has pioneered the operating system called Windows. Other computer related popular software of Microsoft include Office suite, email services, search engines, messengers, Skype services and many more communicative services. Its website provides information about its various products and services and offers troubleshooting help for problems.

    LinkedIn is a professional social networking website whereby employers and potential employees get together and communicate to meet their human resource needs.

    WordPress is a website that helps create blogs and carry out content management of websites using various computing tools. It is a host based web service that provides different predefined architecture to its users.

    This is a website that allows its user to establish a virtual pinboard to collect their favorite pictures and informational pieces relating to the user’s area of interest and related topics. By following other users one can browse through their pinboards and find out about their interests.

    15-Ask, formerly known as Ask Jeeves, is a question based search engine that provides answers to millions of queries generated by its users. By typing in a question of interest, a user can get answers related to those keywords.

    we hope you enjoying read our article on 15 top most popular websites .
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    Re: 15 Top Most Popular Websites

    Facebook is More popular then you tube :-)
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    Re: 15 Top Most Popular Websites

    No doubt, Brother you have made a great job. But unluckily youtube has been band from the last 2 years. I want to share something with all of them.
    Zenmatte for google chrome 3.3 is a google chrome extension. I am using this extension from the last 3 months and its doing a great job. you can use this plugin and feel free from vpns tension.
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    Re: 15 Top Most Popular Websites

    No doubt that GoogLe is the KinG

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    Re: 15 Top Most Popular Websites

    Thanks! Great article.

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