Nadia Amin is perfect in her field and is known to write very fine, eloquent, deep and fictional novels. But nevertheless these fictions of her are also near to nature and common life and this is the best part if her. This novel openly discusses the problems of women in an eastern Asian society, it is about her position in the society. Infact of very much advancements in study, science and morals she is still thought of some low part of society in some of the areas and every possible way is done to make her life miserable and the bad part is parents donít make there daughters strong enough to cope with these. However the novel is really pretty and sad all over. You should read it and also must influence your family to do so.

Here is the link for the novel to read it online: Free Urdu Digests: Paakbaz novel by Nadia Amin Online Reading.

Or you may also download it: DepositFiles