This time Telenor introduces Super Star offer for all of their regular and new customers. Telenor is one of the renowned and yet one of the fastest growing popular cellular networks in Pakistan. This network has been always arriving in the market with their amazing offers for their patrons. Their best lowest calling rates, affordable internet bundles along with the fun loving SMS packages has been not just attractive for the Telenor customers but even grabbed the attention of rest of the network patrons as well.

This time Telenor has revealed out their brand new offer named as Super Star Offer. This package has been just intended for all those Telenor patrons who are in favor of making unlimited calls all the time. In the below article we are mentioning the complete facts and details about Telenor Super Star Offer.


  1. In this package the Telenor customers can make unlimited calls to all the Telenor to Telenor numbers.
  2. This offer is excluding out all the off net numbers from the package.
  3. The offer will not be applicable for calls during the time of 7pm to 10pm.
  4. This offer is just valid from 12am till 12am that makes the complete 24 hours.
  5. If you find this package as interesting then you can even activate it for the next day as well.


  1. The rate for this offer in view of activation is Rs.11.99 plus tax.
  2. For getting activated with this offer the customers can dial *345*248#.
  3. All the Telenor friend and family numbers can be added inside this offer.

So this was all about the Telenor Super Star Offer! If you are interested in making unlimited calls then donít forget to get activated with this offer right nowÖ..