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  1. Abdul Sattar Edhi dies
  2. Russia launches £1.4 trillion plan to develop ‘Star Trek’-style teleportation
  3. UK votes to leave EU in historic divorce
  4. Rest in peace, Amjad Sabri...
  6. ممتازقادری کیس
  7. ملک ممتاز حسین قادری
  8. Sarkaari Mulazmeen Ko Pay Role E-Mail Par Jaari Kernay Ka Faisla.
  9. Aamir Liaquat delivers soul searching addresses at Mina
  10. Mian Nawaz Sharif Ka Teesra Dor, Andaz Aur Aihdaf – Talat Hussain
  11. Musalman Girhon Ki jang Main Quran Ki Hikmat e Amli – Orya Maqbool Jan
  12. Taliban Ny Kis Ky Hath Mazboot Kiye ??? – Ansar Abbasi
  13. Q na aj PAkistan k leay kuch karain :/
  14. Check Pakistan Elections 2013 Results, Updated regularly
  15. Pakistan Army Command is Dead or sleeping ? Is Kayani sleeping ?
  16. میرا ووٹ “نئے پاکستان ” کے لئے ہے
  17. Watch live Pakistan General Elections 2013 : Full Coverage Online
  18. Watch Imran Khan full Speech at D Chowk Islamabad Jalsa
  19. ایک انٹر ویوووو
  20. Pakistan Elections 2013 App
  21. Absence of education is the sole problem of Muslims-How true?
  22. Pakistan General Election 2013 - Your vote for ?
  23. Electronic Voting System for Overseas Pakistanis
  24. ~*~ ELECTION 2013 ~*~
  25. Live PTI Jalsa from Minar-e-Pakistan 23rd Mar 2013
  26. UNITY!!!
  27. عمران صاحب اور 62-63 ذرا سوچئے!!!!!۔
  28. ICC Women's Cricket World Cup 2013 Warnings for Pakistani team
  29. Dr Tahir Ul Qadri Islamabad Long March Result , All leaders Speeches. Watch Complete Video
  31. ~~~HAMERE LEADERS~~~
  32. ~~~HAMARE LEADERS~~~
  33. Tips And Tricks to get life time Free News Updates on your Mobile phone
  34. Faisal Raza Abidi Recent Speech in Senate 19th Oct 2012
  35. IMRAN KHAN's Interview to Canadian TV CBC
  36. Islam Is A Religion Of Peace And Unity
  37. Live updates on Sheikh Rasheed Jalsa at Liaqat bagh - Aug 13th 2012
  38. Pakistan Ka Wujjoood, Rehmat Ya Zehmat? ? ?
  39. how to create a website like sending sms
  40. Huge collection of Hamdard Kitaabistaan Books
  41. PTI Jalsa Hyderabad - Live Updates Jun 22, 2012
  43. ہمدرد کتابستان
  44. Pakistani filmmakers win global award
  45. css officer or army officer
  46. Comparison of Pakistani Ministers With American, Indian, Chinese Ministers
  47. PTI Tsunami at Mianwali>>Live Updates (March 24, 2012)
  48. السحاب # پیشکش # بتاؤ تم کس کا ساتھ دو گے
  49. Live Updates: PTI Tsunami at Sialkot (March 23, 2012)
  50. Shareef Brothers got 35 Lacs each distributed by ISI: Younis Habib
  51. Press Conference by Chairman Imran Khan and Dr Israr Shah (March 1, 2012)
  52. PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s Address at PTI Energy Seminar (February 26, 2012)
  53. عمران خان بلوچستان کے لئے سر گرم
  54. Pakistani Politicians and People of Pakistan
  55. Imran khan and Shah Mehmood Qureshi Lecture @ Insaf Professionals Forum 17th Feb 2012
  56. گیلانی توہین عدالت کے ملزم قرار
  57. Gilani putting system at stake for corruption: Imran Khan
  58. Imran says will shoot down drones if comes to power
  59. Punjab Govt: Threatens Dunya News for PIC Scoop in Crossfire with Mehar Bukhari 8th Feb 2012
  60. Imran Khan Complete Press Conference in Islamabad 7th February 2012
  61. Imran Khan is most Capable of Bringing Change in Pakistan – Hassan Nisar
  62. Nawaz-Fazl-Zardari troika inflicted harm on Pakistan: Imran
  63. PTI Chairman Imran Khan's Exclusive Interview With Zia Shahid 7th Feb 2012
  64. پچاسی سو ارب کرپشن کی نظر : گیلانی دور
  65. ڈیجیٹل آؤٹ ریچ ٹیم، شعبہ امریکی وزارت خارž
  66. Supereme Court Result : PM Gillani to be indicted on Feb 13
  67. کراچی،یومیہ 1کروڑ25لاکھ کےبھتےکی وصولی
  68. کراچی میں کل سے ڈبل سواری پر پابندی
  69. Makhdum Javed Hashmi Addresses in Lahore Rally – 29th January 2012
  70. I have a clear vision for Pakistan and I will never compromise on the vision: Imran Khan
  71. Untold stories about Imran Khan by pti founding member mehmood awan 28th Jan 2012
  72. Imran khan at World Economic Forum Switzerland – Interviewed By Geo News 27th Jan 2012
  73. Gaurds of Nation distributing death in Pakistan:: Hassan Nisar
  74. Chairman Imran Khan’s Speech on Unity Dinner 25th Jan 2012
  75. Imran Khan next prime minister of Pakistan: CNN
  76. Another scandal is ready for PM Gilani
  77. Imran Khan's Reaction on SC's action on Asgar Khan Petition
  78. Imran Khan Addresses Bhaluwal Jalsa 22nd Jan 2012
  79. PTI Chairman Imran Khan Speech at Jalsa in Sargodha – 22nd January 2012
  80. PM Gilani Used Fake Number Plate Car to Reach Supreme Court
  81. Imran Khan's Interview to NDTV - 20th Jan 2012
  82. Khuwaja Asif faced Historic Humiliation in Sialkot
  83. PM Gillani Appeared in Court Today – Full Geo News Report
  84. Aitzaz Ahsan Supports Zardari & Gilani
  85. Babar Awan's Phd. degree in question
  86. پی آئی اے میں جعلی ڈگری ہولڈرزکاراج
  87. PM Gillani Talks to National Assembly – 16th January 2012
  88. بابر اعوان کے لائسنس کی عارضی معطلی
  89. فرانسیسی فضائی کمپنی کو 1 لاکھ 46 ہزار یورو اد
  90. Zardari ‘biggest thief’, govt sabotaging courts to hide inefficiencies: Imran Khan- 16thJan 2012
  91. وزیراعظم گیلانی کو توہین عدالت کا نوٹس جاž
  92. CNBC Report: Imran Khan speaking to PTI Workers in Attock (January 15, 2012)
  93. Arfa Karim (Late) Interview - Must Must Watch- Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional
  94. PM Gilani may resign to save Zardari - The Times
  95. NAB Arrested Adnan Khwaja,Ismail Qureshi & Ahmed Riaz sheikh
  96. ’نوازنےلندن کو40 دورےاورملتان کو5منٹ نادئ®
  97. پاکستان میں فوجی بغاوت کا خدشہ، گیلانی کا
  98. ’زرداری اربوں روپےکی جائیداد اور6 بینکوں ª
  99. اتحادی جماعتیں اسٹیبلشمنٹ کے اشارے کی منت
  100. Imran Khan Challenges PML-N
  101. I don't need vote of confidence: PM Gilani (GEO report)
  102. Imran Khan's Press Conference - 12th Jan 2012
  103. پاک فوج پرنسل اسٹاف آفیسرزکا ہنگامی اجلاس
  104. وزیر اعظم کے بیان کے سنگین اثرات مرتب ہونگ
  105. جمشید دستی کا تحریک انصاف میں شمولیت کا ام
  106. NRO Case Implementation – Supreme Court Decision (10th January 2012)
  107. ’پیر پگارا لندن میں انتقال کرگئے‘
  108. Rehman Malik discloses Musharraf-Nawaz agreement
  109. چترال میں زلزلے کے جھٹکے
  110. نوازشریف اور زرداری میرے خوف سے اکھٹے ہوج
  111. سابق صدر پرویز مشرف نے رواں ماہ پاکستان آن
  112. امارات میں حقہ اورشیشہ پینے پرپابندی
  113. پی آئی اے کے طیارے کی ہنگامی لینڈنگ،مسافر
  114. Chief Justice Iftikhar Ch. Speech 6th January 2012
  115. منصور اعجاز بلیک بیری کے دو پن نمبرز دینے ک
  116. Ayela Malik joins Imrans PTI
  117. لاہور، وزیراعظم کیخلاف کاروائی کیلئے بنچ
  118. میمو کمیشن نے زرداری کو طلب کرلیا
  119. Memogate: BlackBerry company says, data may be provided
  120. بابر اعوان، فردوس عاشق، خورشید شاہ، کائرہ
  121. Imran Khan Talks to Media in Islamabad – 3rd January 2011
  122. مشرف کےہمراہ90غیرملکی صحافی پاکستان آنےکو
  123. میموگیٹ کمیشن: فریقین کی پیشی کیلئے اشتہاž
  124. Nawaz Shariff youth revolution in Gujranwala
  125. نیویارک میں امام الخوئی فاؤنڈیشن پرحملہ
  126. .. بنارس چوک پر ہونے والے جماعت اسلامی کے جلس
  127. ایف بی آر نے کسٹم کی کمپیوٹرائزکلیئرنس می¬
  128. A Young Boy was beaten when he tried to meet Nawaz Shareef in Jalsa
  129. What a stupid speech by Nawaz Shahrif in Gujranwala Jalsa
  130. راولپنڈی:ٹرانسپورٹرزکا پیر سے غیر معینہ
  131. against ثنا بچہ اور جاوید چودھری ، عمران خان کے
  132. "Sharif family only gives interview to their family anchor person (Sana Bucha) " - Ch. Fawad
  133. ’ہمارے خلاف کام کرکے مشرف کو نقصان پہنچا‘
  134. The biggest good news of 2011 for Pakistan
  135. .یوٹیلیٹی کارپوریشن میں سوا7کروڑکی کرپشن
  136. ..ڈھائی سوارب روپےقرض وصولی،کمیشن نےکام ش
  137. PTI issues show-cause notice to Khursheed Kasuri over meeting with Musharraf
  138. Javed Hashmi resigned from National Assembly Seat 29th Dec 2011
  139. .. نواز لیگ پنجاب کے نائب صدر مستعفی
  140. ..سرانجام خان نے مسلم لیگ نواز کی ایگزیکٹو ک
  141. ..حکومتی اخراجات:38 ارب 89کروڑ کے نئے نوٹ چھاپ د
  142. ایوان صدر، وزیر اعظم ہاؤس میں بجلی کی فراہ&
  143. Most Emotional Scene in Karachi Jalsa
  144. Pakistani Anchors and Analyist’s Views on President’s Speech at Garhi Khuda Baksh 27th Dec 2011
  145. Imran gaining foreign media’s attention
  146. Jemima to buy ‘Yes We Khan’ shirts
  147. Firdous Ashiq Awan Cried and Resigned
  148. ن لیگ کا ایک اور رہنما تحریک انصاف میں شامل
  149. Makhdoom Javed Hashmi 1st Interview After Joining PTI
  150. PTI Imran Khan Rally Karachi 25th Dec 2011>>Live Updates
  151. Khawaja Saad Rafique and Ahsan Iqbal Talking to Media About Javed Hashmi
  152. Javed Hashmi joined Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan
  153. PM Yousuf Gillani Protocol Towards Bilawal House
  154. PTI tsunami is genuine , establishment cannot gather such a mammoth crowd : Nawaz Sharif
  155. Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Future
  156. American General Stephan Clark briefs on NATO attacks – Breaking news on geonews – 22nd december 2011
  157. Lubna Razia not Mansoor Ijaz behind memogate!
  158. Imran Khan Press Conference at Multan - 22nd Dec 2011
  159. Fatwa issued against Veena Malik in India
  160. Imran Khan News Conference in Islamabad Press Club – 19th December 2011
  161. President Zardari Reached karachi , Pakistan – Geo News Video
  162. Joint by-liner by Mansoor Ijaz and Hussain Haqqani
  163. Imran khan at Haripur Jalsa - 17th Dec 2011
  164. Kashmala Tariq Gets Angry on Reporter – Main Tour Doun Ge Mukka Mar Ke
  165. In session [Memogate Special] – 16th Dec 2011
  166. Babar Awan Press conference – 16th December 2011
  167. Imran Khan Speech at Mardan - 16th Dec 2011
  168. Zulfiqar Bhutto Interview on Bangladesh
  169. Memo Case: Lftnt General Pasha and General Kayani's Statement in Supreme Court
  170. ANP’s Khawaja Muhammad Khan Hoti joins PTI
  171. Nawaz Sharif made a Guinness World Record of Munafiq..
  172. Imran Khan vows support for Hazara province
  173. Frost Over the World - Imran Khan: Pakistan's next leader?
  174. Medical Certificate of President Zardari from Dubai Hospital
  175. Imran and Sindh government at odds over rally date in Karachi
  176. Molvi challenging Zardari in his speech
  177. دس کروڑ36لاکھ پاکستانی جوان
  178. Pakistanis living in Stone Age: Veena Malik
  179. A Very Motivational Speech By Imran khan in London
  180. Former Blackwater again changes name as ACADEMI
  181. Politicians Slip of Tongue While Quoting Zardari – Geo News Report
  182. Ibrar-ul-Haq Joined PTI Imran Khan
  183. Pol by PIA on Express News 9th Dec 2011
  184. Pakistan not a slave to the US: Imran Khan's Interview to CNN-IBN
  185. President Zardari May Resign
  186. Imran Khan on assets declaration and challenge to PML-N
  187. Black water doing terrorism in Pakistan
  188. The 'Invisible Man' Between Pakistan & U.S. To Dismantle Paki ISI's Nukes & Power
  189. Aag pe Maatam in Hyderabad – Complete Video- Muharram 2011
  190. 3 Pakistani Arrested at Heathrow Airport from PIA لندن:PIAطیارےپرچھاپہ،3پاکستانی گر 
  191. Chaudhry Nisar Press Conference , Imran Khan Assets Declration – 4th Dec 2011
  192. Imran Khan Declares his assets – Video – 4th December 2011
  193. Imran Khan declares assets today 4th Dec 2011
  194. Nawaz Shareef didn’t Walked through Security Gates in Supreme Court
  195. Ahmad Faraz’s son Shibli Faraz joins PTI
  196. Sheikh Haroon nominated as President Business Forum of PTI
  197. Corruption on Decline in Pakistan: Transparency Report 2011
  198. Land scam case: MNA Anjum Aqeel arrested from courtroom
  199. Designer Maria B Joined PTI Imran Khan
  200. Robberies In Karachi
  201. Pakistan under Economic Pressure
  202. Babar Awaan Press Conference against Memo Case in Supereme Court 1st Dec 2011
  203. Allah Na karey Imran Khan Nakaam ho - Angry Hassan Nisar
  204. Memo Gates Case in Supereme Court 01Dec2011
  205. Marvi Memon Joining PTI Imran Khan
  206. Nato, Pakistani forces clash again: TNT 30Nov2011
  207. Pakistan Announces Boycott of Afghanistan Conference
  208. Man dies after having Coca Cola product in China
  209. The Salalah check post after NATO/ ISAF attacks
  210. Pakistan only English channel Express 24/7 shuts down
  211. Pakistan Bycott BONN Conference
  212. Real face of hindu extremist(abhijeet) vs lovely nation(Pakistan)
  213. Pakistan writes to UN about NATO attack
  214. Sheikh Rasheed Joins PTI Imran Khan
  215. News on Pakistan International Airline ’باکمال لوگ لاجواب سروس‘
  216. Grandson of Pir Pagara joins PTI Imran Khan
  217. UAE Protest Over Flag Colour Shoes
  218. I AM NOT MOVING - Short Film - MUST WATCH VIDEO Occupy Wall Street
  219. Marvi Memon Joins PTI Imran Khan
  220. Faisal Raza Abdi Views on Ghotki Jalsa of Shah Mahmood Qureshi
  221. Ghotki: Qureshi Joined PTI Imran Khan 27Nov2011
  222. Ghotki: Imran invites Qureshi to join PTI
  223. ISPR’s documentary wins ‘Eserciti-e-Popoli’ award
  224. Imran Khan Jalsa Video at Shujabad – 26th November 2011
  225. Nato attack kills 20 Pakistani troops, Government orders to stop Nato supplies
  226. Zulfiqar Mirza Attacked By 5 Youngsters by Steel Rod in Manchester, UK
  227. PML-N Exposed- Shame on PML-N to bring School's Students to their Political Rallies.
  228. Grandson of Bacha Khan, Saleem Jan joins PTI in Peshawar
  229. Imran Khan's press conference in Peshawar 25 Nov 2011
  230. Plane Crashed in Karachi 25Nov2011
  231. Imran Khan's 59th Birthday 25thNov2011
  232. Assassination of John F. Kennedy
  233. Nawaz Sharif Jalsa Analysis – Empty Seats , Crowd Going back home
  234. Ban on Pillion-riding in Karachi
  235. PTI Chairman Imran Khan Press Conference Shafqat Mehmood Joins PTI
  236. The Czech Prime minister slaps the Health minister
  237. 12 CIA Agents Arrested in Iran
  238. amritdhari sikh youth slaps indian minister sharad pawar today against inflation -slap of inflation
  239. Motorway Traffic Schedules in Pakistan
  240. Zulfiqar Mirza Blames Zardari and Appreciate Imran Khan
  241. Expense on Ajmal Kasab Rs50 crore
  242. School kids forced to attend PML-N rally
  243. Sherry Rehman appointed Pakistan's Ambassador to the US
  244. Pakistani Taliban Declare Nationwide Cease-Fire
  245. Hussain Haqani Resigned Today 22Nov2011
  246. Man leaves a million bucks at Italian restaurant
  247. Columnist Shafqat Mahmood to join PTI
  248. Abrar-ul-Haq Joining PTI Imran Khan
  249. Reema's Rukhsati-Nov 19 2011
  250. Babar Awan Views on PML-N Jalsa Faisalabad