As-Salaam alaikum, Sometimes we complain about cost of food or its availability, but hardly reflect on the origin, meaning and significance of food, its bearing on sustaining human existence, Nations political fortunes and future of mankind. For this, I wish to invite you... invite us all to Ayats 24-32 of Surat Abasa of the Holy Qur'an (80:24-80), in which Allah Ta'ala says:-- "LET MAN, THEN, CONSIDER [the sources of] HIS FOOD: [how it is] THAT WE POUR DOWN WATER, POURING IT ABUNDANTLY; AND THEN WE CLEAVE THE EARTH [with new growth], CLEARING IT ASUNDER, AND THEREUPON WE CAUSE GRAIN TO GROW OUT OF IT, AND VINES AND EDIBLE PLANTS, AND OLIVE TREES AND DATE-PALMS, AND GARDENS DENSE WITH FOLIAGE, AND FRUITS AND HERBAGE, FOR YOU AND YOUR ANIMALS TO ENJOY." In these Noble Ayats, we appreciate the story of food.... the provision of which is carefully planned by the Hand which created man. Man plays no role in any of its stages; even the seeds and grains he casts on the earth are not of his making... ALLAHU AKBAR!! WA-LILLAHIL HAMD!!!