Quran reading android is an Islamic app that helps the Muslims all over the world to learn Quran with English translation, transliteration and audio recitation. The app teaches you how to learn quran karem with tajweed and with the help of translation, transliteration of each surah and audio recitation.
Main Features including:

It include all 114 surahs of Quran with proper surahs recitation
Translation: of Quran in almost all languages the whole Quran translated to bahasa Indonesia, deutsch, english, espanol, Francis, italiano, اردو, 简体中文, فارسی.
Transliteration: feature of Quran helps you to learn proper pronunciation of each word in no time
MP3 Audio whole Quran with verse by verse audio recitation to download anywhere anytime to listen the soulful recitation of Quran by famous reciters.
Go to option: Helps the use to move to particular ayah or surah of the Quran
Sajda Section: to help the users to know the 14 significant places of when to bow down
Any surah of the Holy Quran can be searched easily which makes it convenient for the users to search any desire surah of Quran.
Bookmark feature of the app helps the user to restore the recitation where the user has left lastly
Additional feature of learn tajweed has incorporated for the users to learn the proper tajweed of each Arabic word with audio recitation.
-Introduction to tajweed and why is important to learn an understand
-Mukhraj ul Haroof are all those alphabets which are the basics to pronounce each Arabic alphabet
-Components of tajweed include all those important signs which are important to learn for proper pronunciation of Quran.
-Rules of Tajweed to shield you against the mistake which most of the Muslims commit whilst recitation as they are not aware of the basics of Tajweed of Quran e Hakeem.

Download this beneficial App and learn quran Tajweed with proper rules to grasp the divine virtues! Jazak’Allah!