Urdu Quran is an android Islamic app for Muslims to facilitate urdu speaking people to learn Quran with urdu translation, transliteration and audio recitation.
Some of the main features of the app are

  • Urdu Translation: Helps the user to read Quran verse by verse with urdu translation
  • Audio Recitation: Listen full chapters of Quran with audio recitation
  • Transliteration: Makes pronunciation of Arabic text easy with its similar reading option in English
  • Language: Besides the Quran Urdu translation in other languages (English Spanish, French, Chinese, Persian, Italian, Dutch, and Indonesian) is also included
  • Search Bar: facilitate the user to search the desired surah
  • Go To: Allows app user to jump to any Ayah of the present Surah
  • Bookmarks: Allows the user the bookmark the favorite surah or ayah
  • Stop Signs: Various kinds of pauses that repeatedly come in the Sacred Volume of Allah are included which lets one know about their interpretation and action
  • Sajdahs: 14 places in the where one has to perform prostration in front of the Almighty are also separately mentioned in Settings.
  • Font Size: Allows the user to customize font size as per chosen preferences
  • Font Style: 3 unique Print Modes are also added into main Settings for variation in outlook of Quranic text.

Download this free of cost Quran translation to learn quran in a easy way with urdu translation.