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Please do note that scribal errors are there in the hand written copies of the Quran and so are there printing errors in printed copies as well as book binding errors even in currently published copies of the Quran but they should not be taken seriously as human errors are human nature. These errors if I sit down with copies of the Quran can find and correct but I will not do so nor advise anyone else because that will be tempering with original copies that are historical documents of huge value. However since we are aware of these like errors therefore we should not let them through to newer copies we make through future media that is more capable of helping us for coping with this task. Moreover when we talk to people about errors in the Quranic text we should never claim that there are no human errors in the copies of the Quran. Such errors have no affect upon the actual message of the Quran therefore its integrity.

The problem with claims of all western scholars of the Quran is they are not aware of certain facts about the Quran due to which they have no idea what the deen of Islam actually is. Their biggest problem is mullahs who had no sense of the actual message of the Quran so they misinterpreted the actual Quranic text and misrepresented the message of the Quran therefore the whole response of western scholarship is in that context which is therefore incorrect. A true scholar of the Quran should separate the Quran from what its alleged followers say about it and look at it as a document in its own right and see what it says afresh according to rules explained above by myself very clearly. If one then did not find the actual model of the deen of Islam in the Quran that could not be defeated then one had the right to claim all those things ignorant people claimed about the Quran.

NonMuslim scholars assume right from the very beginning that the message of the Quran is what people who claim to be Muslims say they believe it to be. This means they are not examining the text of the Quran but what people claim about the text as to what it means. It shows their scholarship is not up to the standard the Quran requires for its scrutinizers or cross examiners or critics. This only proves their ignorance and stupidity or ulterior motives just like rulers, money lenders and mullahs or both.

1) Questions have been raised by Muslims and nonMuslims alike whether it is possible to translate the Quranic text perfectly. What has been explained about the nature of the language in sense of its origin, development and the way it works and what is explained about role of God and role of humanity should leave one in no doubt that it is not possible for humanity to interpret the message of God precisely ever. The main reason is difference between the knowledge of God and knowledge of people. However, it is very much possible for all practical purposes for people to know and teach the message of the Quran to each other with a degree of accuracy in sense of its purpose, which is mainly guidance of mankind to some degree or as much as people can make proper sense of it. So any claim that anyone ever knew the whole of the Quran perfectly is a false claim. Even the messengers of Allah only came to know as much of the revelation of Allah as was humanly possible for them according to their own time and place as per their own life experiences. It is because to understand anything at all one has to have related life experience. It is like you teach the Quran to a child for memorising so the message is in memory of the child but sense about the message will only develop in the child as child learns things throughout his life experience as he grows. If a memoriser of the Quranic text never thinks about understanding its message properly then he will never know it properly despite having the text of the whole Quran memorised in his head. All one can say is that messengers of Allah knew the message maximum possible at the time or that no one knew the message as good as the messengers of Allah at the time. Any claim about any messenger of Allah about knowing things beyond human capability is attributing falsehood to the messengers of Allah. In deen of Allah there is no such thing as personality cult. It is because the reference is always the revealed scripture from Allah not any particular person be one a messenger of Allah. It is because only Allah is free of making any mistakes so only his message can be free of all errors.

As for human beings they cannot be declared free of human errors but one can say they never did anything deliberately wrong if they were true followers of the word of Allah. This is why they cannot be the reference point in their own right independent of revelation of Allah. In the Quran Allah talks about prophet Ibraheem as an exemplary messenger of Allah and he is said to be leader of mankind but only so far as his following of the message of Allah. Even when he asks Allah about his biological and ideological children to be made leaders of mankind, he is told very clearly that yes but only if they also followed message of Allah like you. The idea that Quran asks people to follow any messenger of Allah as a model in his own right is attributing falsehood to Allah and his messengers. This is a very important and a decisive point for all people to pay their attention to and who wish to know the message of the Quran properly. A clear proof that deen of Islam is not a personality cult as claimed by mullahs of various sects. This is why the primary source of information about deen of Islam is the Quran not the ahaadith attributed to the messenger of Allah nor the information passed down the generations of Muslims in form of books of fiqh= the so called Islamic jurisprudence. This does not mean the books of Hadith or Fiqh are not important but only as secondary sources to the Quran. The main reason for that is the status or position of the Quran in deen of Islam. The Quran is taken as word of Allah, the master of the universe and all that exists. He is sole ruler of the universe by right of its ownership due to being its creator. This being the case no human being should claim nor should be accepted as an authority on equal footing with Allah. All human beings be they messengers of Allah are still his creatures and not Gods in their own rights so people cannot be given same status as that of Allah.

2) When it comes to interpretation of the Quran, as explained already it must be interpreted mainly in context of its language and its purpose in light of self evident facts or in light of real world realities ensuring one does not introduce contradictions within the alleged testament of Allah or between the alleged testament of Allah and self evidence facts or real world realities when the Quran itself claims to be free of such contradictions and tells mankind to check it against real world realities to see how consistent it is in order to realise how the Quran proves to be word of Allah. That means people who sit down to interpret the Quranic text must first be familiar with things the Quran is talking about because if anyone will try to interpret the Quran not knowing the required information for doing this job then such a person will make tonnes of mistakes and if such mistakes are passed onto people as the message of Allah then it could have serious consequences for humanity as a whole even if such mistakes are result of an innocent adventure by a person. It is because people who will accept the message of the Quran on basis of its translations will not be accepting the actual message of the Quran but its inaccurately translated versions which will be effectively false teachings in its name and by acting upon those teaching people will be doing things that could end up harming them as individuals and as groups.

Likewise people who will reject the message of the Quran due to mistakes in the translations of its message will be rejecting the actual message of the Quran assuming it to be actual message of the Quran instead of taking the translations as erroneous and inaccurate, so they will turn away or remain away from the true guidance of Allah due to mistakes caused by the translators. The consequences will be serious because the result will be more and more divisions among people of the book and more and more people will move away from the book and as people remain divided and divisions increase more and more fights and wars will continue between people because of wrong interpretations of the message. So one can see what is at stake if things were not done the right way. However this will be taken advantage of by those who want things to be that way ie rulers, money lenders, mullahs, their touts and supporters due to their ignorance and stupidity as well as arrogance ie due to their sense of dominating others by undermining them so that they could use and abuse them at will. In short such people will try their best to use the scripture as a tool for manipulating mankind to fulfil their own personal objectives thereby.

3) It is very important that when we talk about Islam we have some understanding of the actual situation. The main issue when we discuss Islam is, what do we take Islam for ie a set of make beliefs and some useless rituals for individuals or a program for mankind for accomplishing some goals according to some guidelines as a proper human community based upon Quranic constitution and laws for running a kingdom in the name of Allah according to his guidance?

Anyone who takes Islam as a religion has to answer a main question, why there are guidelines for a constitution and laws for organisation and regulation of human society? What has praying to do with God and with running of a kingdom or a community? It is because religion is all about individuals having some so called beliefs and doing some acts of so called worship as one sees fit. It is not anyone's business what anyone else believes or does because it is a private affair between a person and his God. The main question one has to ask oneself is, does Islam fit this category? My answer is very clear that Islam does not fit this category therefore I do not accept Islam is a religion nor should anyone who knows the Quran better.

All people who have learned some sense and have studied the Quran for knowing Islam believe that Islam is not only about God and man but about God and man as well as about humanity as a whole. In other words Islam is a way of life that leads mankind to an end that is set by Allah for mankind. It is the main reason why Islam is called deenillah or sabeelillah or ADDEEN or deen of Islam ie the way of life advised for mankind by Allah for a blissful, dignified and secure existence. All this explains why Allah advised this way of life for mankind.

Since in my understanding of the Quran Islam is not a religion therefore any argument over religion of Islam is a nonsense and shows a person is totally confused about Islam be one a person who claims to be a Muslim or a nonMuslim. The main thing is that anyone who thinks Islam is a religion must first prove Islam is a religion before one accepts it or rejects it or raises any objection against it or answers those objections. In other words there is no sense in talking about Islam as a religion because it is not a religion so why waste time and energy on something that is not really there. I therefore oppose views of any person who claims Islam is a religion regardless one claims to be a Muslim or happens to be a nonMuslim. I want such a person to prove from the Quran that his claim is right about Islam that it is only a system of some dogmatic beliefs and some rituals that have nothing at all to do with real world realities. It is because religion cannot be but a private matter for an individual and his God whereas the Quran is very clear that Islam is not a private affair of an individual and his God. This is why in my view Islam is a deen because what is told in the Quran is related to real world realities. The whole message of the Quran is about changing the real world realities for the betterment of mankind to ensure well being of mankind. Since it is a deen so all need to understand it as such regardless they claim to be Muslims or happen to be nonMuslims. So all questions about deen of Islam are to be asked and answered in that context.

Since Islam is a deen sent by Allah therefore it is a program from Allah for mankind for accomplishing some goals according to his provided guidelines. Since it is a program for mankind therefore the message of the Quran must be taken to all people in the world so that they have a look at it and think it over and if they like what they are told they come together to form a community network on basis of a constitution and its laws as per guidelines provided in the Quran. This is the context in which people need to understand Islamic shariah or law or jurisprudence. It is in this context one must come to know the procedure for writing a constitution or forming a law. This is why individuals need to know the Quran and have their opinions and arguments to back them up but it is the ummah that is to decide together what is to be the correct interpretation of the book and arrive at a consensus after having the knowledge needed for interpreting the Quran properly. Unless it is an educated ummah that accepts a constitution or a law as a whole, it cannot be called an Islamic law or shariah. From this explained procedure it should be very clear why fatwas by ignorant, illiterate, uneducated, untrained, unskilled and unthinking foolish individuals mean nothing at all in proper context of deen of Islam in light of the Quran. One must remember that a constitution or any laws must be accepted by all in the ummah freely after at least a simple properly educated majority agrees upon them. None is supposed to accept any constitution or law that goes against the stated goals and guidelines of the Quran. Before people sit down to argue over what the constitution or law should be they must have a very good idea about what are the goals they want to achieve or accomplish as an ummah and what are the guidelines so that no article or clause is put in the constitution that is in conflict with the aims and the objectives of the constitution.

In other words a constitution needs to be written down with declared objectives right at the top of the document. Since aims and objectives are the starting point of written constitution so all clauses that follow must be in line or consistent with these objectives otherwise the so called constitution or the laws will not be worth the paper they are written upon. Once a constitution is structured with all its articles, act and clauses as a complete document with all the needed laws regarding institutions, office bearers and individuals and organisational groups in the ummah then ummah as a whole must examine it with care and see if any mistake has been made in constructing this document before it is ratified and implemented by the ummah. If anything important is left out or something has been added which is not right then changes can be made in the constitution or laws even after ratification but each time any change has been made it must be put before ummah and accepted by it otherwise the document will become invalid as a constitution or law. I will explain what are the aims and objectives or goals set for ummah to accomplish and what are guidelines so people should read through to come to know them because each and everything about the Quran and deen of Islam cannot be explained in one place or in one go otherwise people will not have written or read explanations about the message of the Quran in so many volumes.

The other important point to remember is that the Quran is about three states of existence of Muslims ie as individuals in any place in the world, as a proper human community anywhere in the world and as a proper human community within a kingdom of their own based upon guidance of Allah. Each of these three states of existence has its own requirements. Individuals are only required what they can do as individuals and proper human community is only required what the proper human community can do as a such and a proper human community in a kingdom of its own is required what it can do as a proper human community in a kingdom of its own. In short there are very limited requirements for individuals but requirements increase when people become a proper human community and they increase even more when the proper human community has its own kingdom based upon guidance of Allah. It is because as people who accept deen of Islam increase in their numbers their power increases and therefore their responsibilities also increase towards each other and towards rest of mankind. For example, an individual is mainly responsible for learning and educating oneself about all one can learn in one's life time as well as about learning the Quran and only when one has learned deen of Islam properly oneself one's responsibility increases for teaching it to others the best one can. However it is binding upon individuals to learn about deen of Islam properly and then pass it onto others. It is also binding upon more than one Muslims to always live together as a family fully supporting each other in every way and keep working to bring more and more people into the fold of deen of Islam or into the proper human community based upon guidance of Allah. Once a few people come together they must organise and regulate themselves according to the Quranic guidelines as explained. They must form a constitution to help them organise themselves and work out laws to help them regulate themselves in light of Quranic guidelines as well as in light of ground realities that face them as per their situations and circumstances.

When a Muslim lives among the rest of humanity, one sees human world living in a terrible state of affairs because each person is tearing apart any other like an animal to get what one wants of the others. All this is result of ignorance, illiteracy, lack of proper education and training ie people are hardly any better than rest of animals therefore they choose to live by way of life based upon personal gains at the expense of each other. Out of this human population someone rises above others to try and give people some better direction ie a way of life based upon living for each other as a proper human community so that life could become somewhat better for human beings than what is already there. Since this person is part of rest of human race and is born into an already existing human population so he faces a lot of difficulties and hardships because he is challenging things as they are in order to change them the way one sees fit. This being the situation all those who benefit from things as they are, are going to become upset with him and are going to use all means at their disposal to keep things as they are. It is now up to people as individuals to decide what they support and what they oppose and the direction they take will decide their future as a human population. This divides people into a few different camps despite the fact that people are already divided into individuals due to adopting personal gains based way of life at the expense of each other. Nonetheless there arise some who clearly support the change and others who clearly oppose the change and yet others who are undecided and some who play from both sides of the fence etc etc.

Since divisions are already there in human populations due to rivalries and animosities so hatred and wars are also there therefore there is little that changes just for sake of new movement for ensuring well being of mankind. In other words any person who rises up in an already fighting population cannot cause any more damage to whatever is already there but can try and see if one can get rid of all this harm and destruction among people by hands of each other. This was the situation with messengers of Allah who tried to guide mankind out of their harmful and destructive mindsets, attitudes and behaviours based on harmful and destructive ambitions and desires against each other. When Adam was sent as a messenger by Allah people were already killing each other and chiefs were looking for a way out of this harm and destruction because they became fed up with whatever was going on in their societies. Same was happening when the final messenger of Allah came to save people from their own harms and destructions which they were already inflicting upon each other ie there were already wars ongoing all around Arabia eg Romans and Persians etc were already busy fighting each other and even tribal people were at each other's throats within Arabia itself.

The Quran tells us facts about human history but mullahs have masked the information given in the Quran with their nonsense due to their ignorance and foolishness because they did no research and exploration on what the Quran was talking about to find out but instead made up stories while sitting on their behinds. They have been telling people Adam was first man who was created by Allah directly without involving natural process of cause and effect. The Quran on the other hand explains things in sense of designed development of things from a starting point onwards like a flower gradually starts opening up bit by bit till it has opened up fully. In other words Allah talks about gradual unfolding of his plan with time like blossoming of a flower or growing of a huge tree from its tiny seed.

The very first proper human community was gathered by Adam with help of his supporters who then brought about a kingdom based upon guidance of Allah. He was opposed by a chief named in the Quran as Iblees. Iblees and his supporters did manage to bring down the kingdom Adam and his supporters brought about but they managed to rebuilt it. Attention should be paid to the fact that the Quran talks about various stages of development of the universe and humanity itself and that things comes from each other. For example the Quran talks about tree of life which we can call tree of evolution today. It talks about various stages of development of a human being even before the birth of a human being as well as stages of development of a human being after his birth till death. This is a clear proof that the Quran is talking about natural chain of cause and effect or cause and effect process in the natural world. Things have been created to observe already existing things and learn from them and do what they think is right for them to ensure their survival but humans have been created with maximum freedom for self programming as compared to all other living things. All this will explained here and there in my interpretation of the Quran so I will not go into detail of all that here.

It should therefore be clear that deen of Islam is not the problem but solution for problems that human beings have created for themselves through senseless interaction between themselves and therefore have ruined their environment and thereby themselves. It is because human environment cannot be other than what they make of it due to human beings affecting their environment and their environment affecting them. This is how environment changes people and people change environment and that is why it is important for people to think and act properly or be ready to face the consequences for not thinking or acting properly. This is why by learning things and educating themselves about the real world realities and the revelation of Allah people can bring about the world the Quran promises. The Quran is a real plan for building a proper human community and therefore a kingdom in which all people have a blissful, dignified and secure existence with help and full support of each other. If that is what we human beings want. If not then people are free to keep doing to each other as they are or have been since their beginning and keep getting the results that we have been or worse.

Since security of people depends upon each other according to the Quran and unless they agree to live peacefully for progress and prosperity of each other they cannot have any kind of security so all questions relating all kinds of security what if this and what if that become meaningless in context of the Quran and deen of Islam.

For example, people raise questions about CHAADUR, BURQA or VEIL etc or does Allah require people to wear certain kind of dress? Before asking such questions one must make oneself aware of the fact that deen of Islam has aims and objectives for mankind to accomplish so if something is needed for fulfilling its objectives then it is needed otherwise it is not needed because ways and means in themselves are not the objectives and it is the purpose that decide what is necessary and what is not for fulfilling it. This is the proper context of understanding the commandments in the Quran.

Now coming to question of dress code, it depends upon what is actual security available to people in a human population of which one is a part. When there is war like situation in a population and each person is trying to dominate others by undermining them by all means at his disposal then all are put under siege by each other because all are worried what is going to happen to them the next minute and who is going to do them something really bad so all need to take maximum security measures to try as best as they can to stay safe from each other. In such a society no one will be happy to see anyone else because all spell danger for each other as predators and preys. However if a population has decided to live as a caring sharing family making sure safety and security of each other then all are relaxed and glad to see each other. Now when you feel threatened then you take measure that are appropriate and when you are feeling safe and secure then you relax your security measures as well. It is because in one situation you try your best to hide yourself from others as well as anything else you treasure because otherwise you are sure to lose it to predators or rivals. In the other situation you are relaxed so there is no need for running for cover. It is because in one situation everyone is there to take away whatever you have because they do not have that or just because they want to have something extra because they may need it if not today then may be tomorrow which may never come but that is the way people in such a society think about things. In the other society everyone has whatever others have so no one needs anything of anyone else because they gave each other what they all have so no one needs to be scared of anyone else. Adam was told to bring about a human society of that nature wherein all could eat of anything (ie take part or participate in doing anything) except for things which could damage or destroy the proper human community.

From my this explanation it should be clear by now how I look at deen of Islam and why I do that and why I think mullahs have ruined this beautiful message of Allah by covering it up with loads of their nonsense. If one is really interested in learning deen of Allah then it is therefore necessary that people study the language of the Quran and be a thinking people because the Quran repeatedly invites attention of those who are thinkers to see what the actual message of the Quran is and what it has on offer for mankind.

When I talk against mullahs, rulers and money lenders I do not mean the scholarly works people produced are totally useless because they have a lot of very useful things in them which help us move forward if we could learn how to use those works. Dictionaries are very useful works for example, be they written by atheists, Hindus, Parsees, Jews, Christians, Muslims or any other people. Likewise is the case with math and sciences etc etc. The idea that only Muslim mullahs know Islam properly is a false idea. Book of Allah is for all human beings who are looking for guidance but nothing is easy in life so people do need to work hard at learning things including the message of this book called al-Quran. This does not mean works of other people are not at all helpful in knowing about the message of the Quran. None of us is born fully educated and we all learn from each other so exchanging ideas helps to know things better and to discover newer and better ideas because ideas bread ideas just as actions lead to reactions. Good ideas give birth to better ideas and good actions result in better interactions.

The most important point people who claim to be Muslims or nonMuslims need to be aware of is, Islam is a deen not a mazhab. The only people who accept Islam as mazhab are rulers, money lenders, mullahs, their touts and supporters. I will try and explain why they do that and why they want all other people to do that.

No messenger was sent by Allah but he worked for establishing deen of Allah not any mazhab. Mazhab is personal for individual but deen by its very nature demands a proper human community in a kingdom based upon guidance of Allah. The very idea that Allah sent messengers to guide mankind means that Allah wanted people to stick together as a proper human community for well being of each other as a starting point. This is why Allah created people into human relationships as interdependent so deen of Islam is a program for mankind for accomplishing certain goals stated in the Quran together as one people and there are also guidelines according to which these goals are to be accomplished. The Quran is a foundation for a constitution and laws for forming a proper human community and bringing about a kingdom and maintaining it for proper development and progress of humanity so that it could thereafter accomplish other higher goals. This is why there is concept of ummah in deen of Islam as well as of a kingdom based upon guidance of Allah. It is because no people without having free access to land and resources, means of production and distribution can survive and this is why Allah tells people things to do which involve having control over land and resources and means of production and distribution for proper management of people and resources for ensuring well being of mankind. It is for this reason deen of Islam is basically about proper management of people and resources to ensure well being of humanity as a proper human community in a kingdom. This is why Hindus talks about RAAM RAAJ or DEVA NAGRI or Christian talk about kingdom of God. So it is not a Muslim thing to talk about kingdom of God or KHILAAFAH. However the basic idea has been wrapped up in far too much confusion due to misinterpretations of the scriptures and their misrepresentations by their followers. The systems, structures, procedures and practices for kingdom of God are very different from the ones we find in the world today eg in the kingdom of God power rests with God who rules through his book with people being a proper human community who put in place an administration for fulfilling the goals already set according to guidelines provided after mutual consultation and free consent as an ummah. It is not a case of an individual or a group taking over a people by force or by a tricky mechanism to rule them who or which then puts an administration in place that suits him or it for his or its own ends therefore he or it sets his or its own goals and gives his or its own guidelines and makes his or its own laws as he or it goes along to suit himself or itself at the expense of the people he or it rules. This will be explained in detail as we make our way through the study of the Quran.

So people who do not accept Islam as a deen are not accepted Muslims by the Quran because they do not accept the fact that law of Allah is supreme so they do not live by rule of law of Allah as a proper human community and instead live by rule of law of people by accepting the concept that man has right to rule over another man. This concept is all about creating negative divisions in humanity due to which there are rivalries and animosities therefore hatred and wars. It is because this way of life whereby one man rules over another is based upon personal gains at the expense of each other it is in direct opposition to a way of life advised by Allah which is for ensuring well being of all people as a proper human community according to guidance provided by Allah. This is why personal gains based way of life divides people into advantaged and disadvantaged or rich and poor or strong and weak groups and each tries to take undue advantage of the others leading to all sorts of troubles and problems among human beings. The reason such divisions occur is because people do not use their God given abilities and things as they should to help each other as a complementary human society. Since they misuse each and everything provided by Allah for taking undue advantages of each other they end up hurting each other instead of ensuring well being of each other.

This is why Allah provided mankind with guidance and some people accept that guidance and support it while others reject and oppose it so mankind become divided into two camps a)Muslims and b)infidels or kufaar. This leads to permanent struggle between people belonging to two main groups of people. Since people who work for well being of humanity do as told but their opponents do as they like therefore the human world is not the way it is supposed to be instead it is polarised by what people believe and do to each other. Since there is constant struggle between two groups of people who are following opposite ways of life therefore people do what they think will ensure dominance of their way of life over any other way of life including adding to chaos and confusion that is already there.

From here begins all sorts of warfare between people to ensure their dominance over each other. So each time Allah sent any messenger with his guidance and he succeeded in bringing people within his reach under the jurisdiction of kingdom of Allah, soon the kingdom was swamped after the death of the messenger by those seeking better life and the followers of the messengers failed to cope with situations they created for themselves by opening the flood gates for outsider far too much beyond their own capabilities. Once people within the kingdom became slack in implementing the deen of Allah properly and also let outsiders in, in great numbers, the kingdom turned into a chaotic place proving to be full of opportunities for ignorant, illiterate, uneducated, untrained and unthinking people who then spread in the kingdom of Allah the very dogmatic beliefs and rituals they were used to not knowing any better. This handed over perfect opportunities for imperialists to hatch so many conspiracies within the kingdom that it fell apart and became what it was not supposed to be ie an empire based upon personal gains at the expense of proper human community.

This is the history told in the Quran if we properly interpret the stories related to messengers of Allah and the kingdoms they brought about. One cannot understand the Quran by mere random verses and their explanations by mullahs. For example, ask yourselves what happen to kingdom of prophet Sulaiman that was brought about by prophet David? SHAITAAN is not a supernatural magical figurehead but a leadership which stands in opposition to guidance of Allah. SIHR does not mean magic the way mullahs tell us but merely covering of actual thing or masking it with something else to make it appear what it is not eg presenting someone who is not a king as a king by putting on him robes of a king. There is nothing in the Quran about supernatural events other than the acts of creation and revelation. Make beliefs and useless rituals were invented and promoted by rulers, money lenders and mullahs to draw away attention of people from real issues which mattered for them to try to fool uneducated masses so that they could enslave them and keep them under their sway for use and abuse at will for their own harmful and destructive ends through indoctrination or brainwashing. This is why people always conspired against the deen of Allah and his messengers as well as his missionaries in order to stop them from spreading the actual message of Allah which is for ensuring well being of mankind.

When people will start looking at works of opponents of deen of Allah in that context all fights between people will start making sense as to who is doing what and why. In order to try and confuse people, some try their best to show deen of Islam is actually a man made thing. The question is, how do they do that? They do that by telling us all sorts of nonsense eg they tell us Islam is not a deen but a mazhab. This is most severe attack one can ever carry out against deen of Islam because merely by saying Islam is not a deen they are telling us that people do not need guidance of Allah for knowing how they should live properly in this world. This idea therefore flies straight into the face of deen of Islam and its actual followers yet those who claim to be Muslims remain unaware of how damaging this idea of Islam being a mazhab is for humanity as a whole. It means fights between people can never come to an end ever because if people are allowed to live as they like by each other then there cannot be any way out of this way of life based upon personal gains at the expense of each other. Something people in position of power want the most to continue for as long as they can help it do that.

This is why anyone who accepts Islam as a mazhab instead of deen is actually playing in hands of manipulators and abusers of humanity. This is why it is a most dangerous way to attack deen of Islam than actually attacking Muslims with dangerous weapons. It is because in this case one is telling people that harmful and destructive thoughts and actions are good because they are ordered by Allah when the actual fact is, Allah does not tell people to think or do anything that is useless, harmful or destructive for mankind. This is why people who have nothing at all to do with Allah and humanity support religions because that gives them opportunities to carry on with whatever they are doing ie using mankind abusively in the very name of Allah and his books and his messengers etc. This explanation should help people see why rulers, money lenders and mullahs do what they do and how they do it with help of their touts and supporters.

It has been explained already how messengers and missionaries of deen of Allah learned and taught deen of Allah and that is why they ended up creating a kingdom based upon deen of Allah. This is a clear proof that each and every person in the kingdom of Allah knows the book of Allah because otherwise people could not bring about the kingdom of God according to the book of Allah. None can form an organisation or a kingdom nor can one regulate one without having some sort of law. Even the tribal people had tribal customs to live by and they taught these customs to their future generations. This too is a clear proof that no population can live without some sort of common code of life no matter how simple or how complex and sophisticated. All these points are a clear proof that messengers of Allah also brought about proper communities and kingdoms as per God revealed programs, constitutions and laws for accomplishing set out goals according to provided guidelines.

So anyone who thinks Islam is not a deen but a mazhab is far far away from proper understanding of the message in the Quran. Likewise anyone who has little or no proper understanding of the Quran can never understand anything else that is attributed to Allah or any of his messengers or any of his people. It is because if a solid foundation is not there then there is no criterion for judging anything else or to build anything without any solid foundation. The real world realities and revelations of Allah provide one with solid foundation which one can examine for oneself. That is the only base upon which one can and should build the proper human community.

This is why one will be very foolish to leave the solid foundation aside and try to build a proper human community on foundation of personality cults which themselves are not based on anything solid at all. This is why when Allah declared prophet Ibrahim a good example to follow for people he also told them that he is a good example only in following the commandments of Allah. It is because when he asked Allah about the same about his children ie that they too should be followed by people, he was told very clearly that only those people can be followed who actually follow the rule of law of Allah which makes it very clear that the main thing is not following of Abraham or any other messenger of Allah but what he and other messengers of Allah themselves followed as their imaam ie guidance of Allah. Nowhere Allah points out anyone as an exemplary character in his entirety on his own independent of guidance of Allah because even messengers of Allah are not free of human errors. Had Allah put forth anyone on his own as a person to be followed then that will have given birth to personality cults in abundance. So people are only supposed to support messengers of Allah so far as they are doing anything by the book of Allah to fulfil the mission they are sent with and not when they suffer some human error which they do at times. In that case others can bring to their attention the laps if they become aware of it. The way of life for messengers of Allah was not set-up by themselves but was told to them by Allah through the messages they received and it was up to them to understand it properly and follow it faithfully and they did except where they ended up making odd mistakes due to being human beings. This is why all concepts that people have created around personalities in the name of deen of Islam are false. As soon as people will educate themselves properly about deen of Islam they will give up all their nonsense beliefs and useless rituals and start doing what the Quran actually requires of people to do so that its stated purpose and plan come to their fulfilment.

People who attack concept of deen of Islam only do so because they want to replace it with personality cults so that they could then use names of those people to add wrong things to deen of Islam and thereby get their way. This is why beliefs of certain people are taken as guaranty of true Islam whereas people are supposed to take the book of Allah as the criterion after it has been interpreted free of all contradictions as the book itself claims. Likewise when people opposing the book could not find any way to undermine the book of Allah they tried to attack the book by inventing other stories and mixing them up with existing stories about the prophets that were originally completely true in order to try to make their make belief based stories look credible. The same idea was expanded later in books of fiqh. This is why people invented five schools of thought in the names of people none of whom told people to follow them. It were rulers, money lenders and mullahs who tried to move people away from the Quran by keeping them ignorant, illiterate, uneducated, untrained, unskilled and unthinking with backing of imperial machinery as is always the case when people in positions of power decide to use others abusively freely at will for their own ends.