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The difference between deen of Islam and mazhab

To understand the Quran one has to know the difference between the mazhab and deen of Islam and the way to understand the Quran properly. Why? Because till people realise what mazhab is and why it is what it is they cannot have the idea of what deen of Islam is and why it is what it is.

Mazhab is basically result of natural human thought processor. As we know we human beings are born not knowing anything about the real world and its realities. All we are born with is brain and senses and body to make sense of the world in which we are born and things in it including ourselves. In my writings I explain why God has created us the way he did or the way we are. When we start struggling in this word from our births till our deaths we find out many things about this world that we knew nothing at all about. All this leads some of us who have paid enough attention to things to question our origin and purpose and functioning etc etc. This is where at we get stuck because we cannot go any further from here. This is human thought and that is called mazhab=religion ie we think there has to be a creator of all this we see before us. Whether there actually is a creator or not we have no way to find out for sure so we turn to various practices to find out the best we can. This is what we call spiritualism. As people want to know if there is a God or not and if there is one how to reach God to ask him questions we have in our minds so this leads mankind into different directions so people do all sorts of things in order to get near to God as they think better for themselves. This gives birth to many different ideas and practices which we call religions or versions of religion. However no matter what people think and do in the name of God they cannot know anything about God for sure because God is not within their reach through their brains and senses. At this stage people who wish to take undue advantage of each other in the name of God do so therefore people end up divided into many religions and sects within those religions. This is all a mazhab or religion is from the beginning to the end.

Now the deen of Islam aspect of this equation is God getting in touch with humanity. Since people cannot get in touch with God but God can so he gets in touch with mankind through his revelation eg in this era it is the Quran that is God's revelation. This is the fundamental difference between deen of Islam and mazhab. It is a case of people looking for God and God looking for people and when the two meet that is when the connection becomes complete. Think it as if you want to get to the top of a mountain but you cannot on your own so someone drops you a rope from there to help you get there but you can only use that rope if you could rise to the height needed for you to see and catch the rope. However to get to the top of the mountain one has to be able to use the provided rope properly otherwise one is in danger of falling off and breaking one's neck.

The rope itself does not do anything to get you on the top of the mountain, it is because your creator and sustainer has a purpose in mind for creating you and that purpose does not allow him to make the rope do everything for you to get you to the top of the mountain instead he wants you to make your own effort as well in getting to the rope and using it properly. It is God and man working together that can help humanity succeed in accomplishing the purpose of God that is assigned to humanity by God. This is the main reason mazhab is very different from deen of Islam. This explains what is going on around the world in the name of mazhab and deen of Islam ie why there are soofies and mullahs and this and that and all claim to have something to do with Islam. This is like you have to travel from one place to another but you have to use various modes of transport to get there. You may start walking then take a bus and then get into a ship and then into a plan etc etc to reach your destination. What is going to help you make your journey without problems is your best preparation for it. If you think you can get from a to b without needing any preparations then you will be prone to losing your way at many point along the way either by sticking to a particular mode of transport not knowing when to get off one thing to get onto another. This is what religions and sects are about and that is why people are lost in them because they get into this journey without making necessary preparations ie without educating themselves about finding out the truth in this regard. This is why confused people have so many make beliefs and do all sorts of ritual acts in order to please God as they think. This is why it is very important to understand proper concepts about God so that we do not have wrong expectations about God and from God. This is the main reason getting to the revelation of God and making proper sense of it becomes vitally important otherwise we could end up believing all sorts of wrong things and doing all sorts of wrong things in the very name of God thinking them to be right and proper. Such a thing then could become a barrier in our path when it comes to searching for guidance from God.

Let us suppose a person has made necessary preparations and he gets to the revelation of God ie you have the Quran in your hands which claims to be a guidance from God for mankind. From here on another journey starts and that is how to make sense of the text of the Quran or Hadith or any written text be it about history or anything else. This again needs a lot of preparation and the foundation for this purpose is to know what is the original human language, how words came about and how they got their meanings. Why is all this important to know? It is because if we do not know these things then we cannot be sure about human language itself never mind any message of anyone for anyone in any language. It is because without knowing these facts about language we could accuse each other about making up things by ourselves as we go along. To make sure this does not happen these facts are absolutely necessary to know. Since the Quran is merely a text or a collection of written words and nothing more unless we agree its words have a firm foundation and certain concretely established meanings by way of various mechanisms we cannot talk about it or anything else for that matter. This should make absolutely clear to a person looking for guidance from God why such a person has to know certain basic facts about human language clearly before sitting down with the scriopture to make sense of its text.

The other main reason for knowing the very first human language is because without it God could never communicate his message to mankind. In fact one can try and communicate a message to someone else without using any form of human language, one will soon realise what I am talking about. One can try and disagree with me on any of the points I have explained here so far but I do not think one can. Human languages are human inventions but God wanted to use human language to communicate his message, which means he meant to convey his own ideas as they were about things because he knows them in reality. For example, there is a big difference in God using word human and a human being using word human. It is because God knows each and everything about a human being but not a human being despite being a human being oneself. This is why a language that has ability to accommodate message of God has to be used therefore God becomes limited by this fact just like a grown up becomes limited by talking to a baby in baby language. A baby cannot use a higher math’s book. So there arises need for God to wait till baby has become a gown up human being and has a lot of experience with real world realities by interacting with them directly which help him learn things. This is why we provide our kids with toys because we think they will help them learn things by playing with them. God has created a lot of things in this universe for the very same reason that people interact with them to learn from experience with them and then once they have enough knowledge then they sit down with book of God and try and make proper sense of it and once they have it then work according to its guidance.

This is why God needed to use an original human language to express his message for mankind which could not be mistaken by learned people in the human world for anything that did not fit his purpose. Any period bound language could not express message of God because no human generation was ever capable of knowing all at any point in time in human history. This is why a language had to be chosen by God that was flexible enough to be understood by all for ever after the message of God was revealed to mankind. Such a book in this era is only and only the Quran as we shall see when we get into detailed study of the Quranic text.

The Quran explains throughout itself what deen of Islam actually is and what it is not. Moreover the Quran is an interactive book because it is for human beings who have been created with ability to self program themselves just like self programming robots. So people who have prepared themselves well should have little problem in understanding its message properly. So people who think God should spoon feed them or do all the work and leave nothing for people to do need to think what they are asking for and why or is there any sense in it at all, because whoever does anything does it for himself so does God. We cannot force our will on God because it is his will that is supreme. Therefore we should not ask God for things that make no sense in the context in which we ask if we sit and think over it. Can one therefore see how the Quran proves to be a book of science and philosophy, society, politics and economics? It is because it is book of guidance and not a book of complete instructions for each and every person to each and every minute detail. It contains only and only what was essential for mankind to know so that they could find their way to purpose of God for creating them. The foundation of deen of Islam is its name ie a way of life which is capable of leading mankind to blissful, dignified and secure existence in this very world which will be rewarded in hereafter as well. Word ISLAAM is from root SEEN, LAAM and MEEM. These letters are same as in Hebrew. Word Islam means same thing both in Arabic and Hebrew and various other ancient languages as well.

Why is it of vital importance to know about origin and development of human language?

It is because to know the message of God properly is not possible without knowing such facts. If people did not invent ways of communicating with each other then they could not explain anything about anything to anyone because they had no way to communicate with each other. The original human language was body language which gave rise to sign language or gestures. The sign language was coded with sounds and pictures and that is how people came to speak, read and write what they wanted to convey to each other. This was the origin and development of human language which became more and more complex with time due to people discovering many things generation after generation. Why knowing this information is of vital importance for people in order to make sense of message of God? It is because message of God is communicated through words and words have meanings. How did the words come about and how did they get their meanings is therefore very important to know for proper understanding of the message of God.

The other main reason for which knowing such information is of vital importance is because God knows things as they are as he has brought them about but people do not because they are born into this world knowing nothing at all. Although people are born knowing nothing at all but they have been bestowed with brains, senses, bodies, things to sense and interact with in order to learn. The learning process begins with observations of real things as to what they are and how they work and then questioning about them and then trying to answer those questions. Once people have learned sufficiently through their deep and wide life experiences through interaction with real world realities then they are ready for undertaking study of the message of God. This is why people who do not prepare themselves for understanding the message of God properly remain confused all their lives and they cannot follow the revealed message of God faithfully no matter how hard they try. This is why just reading the book from God without knowing some important facts is a useless exercise because the message is sent for a set purpose and that purpose cannot be fulfilled till the message is first understood properly and then followed faithfully. This is the main reason the Quran forbids people from following each other blindly like sheep. It repeatedly tells mankind do not follow even your own very ancestors if they have not learned things that are of vital importance for humanity as a proper human community. This is how the Quran emphasises importance of intellectual integrity. If one's ancestors did not learn sense to be sensible people then it is better that a person oneself learns sense to be a sensible person and not be like one's ancestors ie a foolish person.

Deen of Islam is therefore not a personality cult as most people assume it to be. It is a program for God set goals for mankind to accomplish according to his provided guidelines. This is why deen of Islam is about organising and regulating humanity into a proper human community otherwise its set goals cannot be accomplished by mankind according to its provided guidelines. The main reason people must not follow anyone blindly is because no one knows all things other than God and people cannot understand message of God unless they go about it the way they should as explained. If people will not try to know message of God as explained then they can never make proper sense of it ever. If people will fail to make proper sense of message of God then they cannot benefit from its presence. This is why people must make a real good effort for knowing the message of God properly so that they could ensure their own well being as well as of each other both in this life as well as in life to come.

As explained, the message of God is mainly a set of goals with a program for mankind to accomplish according to his provided guidelines for a constitution and laws so that people become a proper human community through organising and regulating themselves. As long as there is no purpose there is no need for any constitution or law but if there is one then there arises need for a constitution and laws because then all that is there or is done has to be according to some sort of foundational values or rules or chaos will become inevitable and that means the mission or purpose or objective will remain unaccomplished. It means when there is no law then anyone can do whatever one likes but once there has come about a law then that law has to be followed by all involved or things based on that law will not materialise. This is why even the law giver has to remain consistent with his provided law or all his promises based upon that law will mean nothing at all. This is why when there is a law then there cannot be any personality cults because persons come under the law be it by their own choice. This is why laws of nature are consistent and constant and do not go through changes once God has set them up for set up systems to operate. This is why guidelines given to mankind by God for forming constitution and laws do not go through changes because they are permanent and that is because goals set by God for mankind to accomplish are also permanent. This is why deen of Allah was always the very same from the beginning till the end. Unless people take these like basics as foundation they cannot make proper or complete sense of the scripture sent by God or the real world realities no matter how hard they try.

God, a proven fact or a mere fiction?

People are born knowing nothing at all so generally most of them remain ignorant, illiterate, uneducated, untrained and unskilled therefore are very limited in their thinking and doing things. That results in false interpretations of divine message because people are not used to organised or purposeful thinking that leads to sure results. There is nothing wrong with being ignorant because that is natural state of human existence but man is created with ability or potential to learn so remaining ignorant is a crime against God and humanity. That is because an ignorant person is of no use to himself or for that matter to anyone else. Knowledge is power and if one does not have this power then one is powerless or weak and unable to do anything much.

Courage comes from knowledge and ignorance only breeds fear. It is through fear of the unknown man has taken forces of nature and other powerful things as his gods. However it is all a process of growing up. Man is born a baby and grows biologically, psychologically and sociologically. From the day God brought things to existence all has been evolving and has reached the stage that we observe today. It was a very long journey and it will remain a very, very long journey till we reach the stage that God has chosen for us to reach. A human being though begins as a single cell the potential placed within this cell is so great that man has yet to realise it for so many generations to come. It is like a huge tree that grows from a tiny seed bit by bit over a period of time.

The Quran has nothing to do with religion and blind faith. It is a book which deals with all necessary information that humanity will ever need for its guidance. The Quran is the only book in the world of its kind as a proof of existence of God and his program. A book that acts as guidelines for a manifesto, a constitution and a set of laws or legislation. In order to know all this from the Quran itself one has to educate oneself to the level whereby the Quran begins to make sense. After all no book is written without any purpose in mind of its author nor anyone does anything aimlessly. Anything that just happens without any intent and effort is taken as a mistake not a motivated act to some end. Even if someone kills someone by his mistake it is still a mistake and not a first degree murder.

What is Quran? Centuries back in time an Arab by name of Muhammad claimed he was a messenger from Allah. People asked him for a proof of his claim so he gave them a book namely the Quran as evidence to prove his claim. That is the book we are going to talk about and see if that claim was true or false.

Before we begin examination of the Quran in some detail, it is necessary for people to know the difference between self evident facts and proven facts. Then it is also vital to realise the difference between testimonial proven facts and theoretically proven facts.

God is not a self evident fact, that is because we humans cannot detect God by our senses directly or indirectly through instrumentation etc but the universe is self evident fact and all that which exists in it because it is detectable by human senses even if by use of instrumentation if not today may be at some stage later.

The Quran is testimony of God therefore it needs to be examined as a testimony just as we examine the testimony of a witness in a court of law to see if it is true or false. However before we can properly examine any testimony of any witness we need to understand it properly because without understanding what a witness is saying we cannot judge whether what one is saying is true or false. If a witness only spoke French language and the examiner only spoke Persian language then things will not workout till one of them learns the language of the other, the same goes for subjects under discussion ie if one person talked about biology but other could only understand physics things will still not work out till one of the persons comes to know the subject the other is talking about. Likewise a child or a baby minded person cannot understand grown up or educated person's terminology. Since no one does anything without any purpose in mind neither one testifies without knowing why one is testifying, so knowing the purpose of the Quran also becomes of vital importance. However once testimony is found to be sound ie without contradictions within and with respect to related self evident facts then it has proven reliable or true. This is called testimonial proof ie reliable testimony of a witness. One has to remember that one cannot add anything to the testimony of a witness from oneself nor can one take away anything from it, it has to be examined as it is and a person has to come up with one’s own explanations to accept or reject it depending upon the fact the explanation offered is a sound one are not. So the Quran has to be examined the way it is given to mankind without saying what should or should not be in the Quran. If the Quran is found lacking in anything objectively only then it could be proven false but then we will have to prove that it does lack in necessary information regarding its stated purpose. That is if the Quran states that it is for this or that purpose but when we examine it, it does not serve that purpose then it surely proves itself false but on the other hand if we find that it serves its stated purpose fully then the Quran has proven its worth fully so it cannot be denied what it claims to be ie word of God.

Coming to theoretical proof, it is a best personal explanation of available evidences or clues. This is needed because something that happened did not happen before our eyes ie it happened in our absence and that there is no any witness to it either upon whom we could rely to tell us about it. That is because we arrived at the scene late and found only whatever clues were left behind to make whatever sense we could from the clues. For example, we are walking along a road and come across a dead body. There is no one there to tell us what happened to this person so all we can do is see whatever clues are there and come up with an explanation. It could be a murder or natural death or suicide or an accidental death etc etc. So whatever clues we find will help us decide what to make of this situation.

So one can see that theoretical proof is not as strong as witness based proof and witness based proof is not as strong as something that happens right before one’s own eyes. That is how far it is possible for humanity to reach the truth about any matter including existence of God.

This also proves the point that if there is a testimonial proof from God then to fall on blind faith is a false idea and is misleading and this idea must have been implanted in human mind by those who wanted to mislead mankind ie the imperial priesthood. It also proves the idea of versions of religion coming from kings and their priests not God to serve their purpose. Islam is deen not religion. Islam is all about brotherhood of mankind based upon testimonial proof whereas religion is a matter of divide and rule using blind faith for following priests and kings. That is how mankind have been used abusively in the name of God and religion. This is why kings and their priests perverted the messages of God to subvert mankind from deen of Allah but they did not succeed in doing that however they succeeded in making fools of ignorant people. The result is a world that we see all around us today. In order to change this situation for the better we all must learn and educate ourselves and each other to save ourselves from abusive use of each other.

So all people must learn the Quran properly to examine it as a manifesto and program from God for mankind to accomplish some goals according his provided guidelines. The basic goals set by the Quran for people to accomplish are unity, peace, progress and prosperity for mankind. The world in which we are born is only a lab for our experimentation to learn through trials and errors till we have become good enough to be one day managers of the universal factory of God. This process needed to be the way it is because we are supposed to learn from working of this universe and make changes to it to make it suitable for our own living in it ie make it compatible with our existence through interactions within this universe. This is why we are provided with all necessary information and raw materials. This will become clearer as I explain the purpose of creation.

It is important to concentrate on logic and evidence as well as consistency and how they combine to prove existence of God positively. If we ignore this relationship between logic, evidences and consistency then we cannot prove anything at all because then we want everything to happen before our very eyes or as far as we are concerned nothing happened at all eg a murder has not taken place just because it has not happened before our own eyes. It shows how flawed is our thinking in that case because we are denying the very principle that is accepted by all wise people in the world whereby they decide all such matters for which there is no direct evidence at all. After all what is TOE about? Yet almost every scientist worth the name accepts it as a theoretically proven fact.

The other way to look at positive proof of existence of God beside testimonial proof is rational proof. It is a self evident fact that this universe is there. This universe was not always there is also an observed reality. This means it was created, why? Because unless something that changes with time is not created by something that does not change with time it cannot come about. Nothing can come out of nothing ie there has to be something that brings about something ie God has brought about this world. How is that possible?

Since we are here and we know that we are not here permanently so something has bought us here but the question is what brought that thing about? The answer is that thing was not brought about by anything because that had to be there always otherwise we end up with an unending chain of creators, which is impossible. Why is it impossible to have an unending chain of creators? It is because then before each creator could create anything the creator himself needs to be created by its creator. Take this chain to infinity and you will see that in that case nothing gets created, we are not supposed to be here in that case. Let me explain it by an example.

I ask you to help me with some money, you tell me that I need to borrow it from someone else to give it to you but that guy tells you the same and so the story goes on for ever and ever, tell me will I ever get the money I asked for? No, never. It is because each guy keeps going to another guy for borrowing the money so this chain of borrowing does not end so that I could get the help I need. Likewise if each creator needed another creator then when will any creator be there to create anything because creation could not be there at all as a result? Since creation is there therefore it had to have a creator that was always there.

Why the creator created this world and sent his revelation? Because creator wanted to express himself. Anything that exists and is lively has the impulse to exert itself ie it wants to be known as a living being. You have urge to be known if you exist and you are a lively being.

Tell me how would you introduce yourselves? Through your actions that show creativity on your part. God could not express himself unless he was being creative because nothing can. The other problem for urge of expression is that you need to be appreciated by something else that is capable of appreciating you as a creative being. In order to express himself God ended up creating this world and to be appreciated by something he created mankind in it. Something that is free to think ie has its own mind and has ability to show its own creativity given the tools and raw materials as well as a chance to prove itself. God has provided all tools and things of need for man to learn in this factory of God through experimentation ie trial and error till man becomes perfect enough to one day manage his universe for his own good. A time when human potential will become fully unfolded before man and that is the time when man will realise how great creator God was that he created such a wonderful thing called man who himself is such great creator as the handy work of God. That is how one day God will be pleased with what he has created and man will also be please with what he has done with his God given abilities and tools and this is how God will praise man and man will praise God in real sense not by paying lip service to God by not doing anything that shows human creativity.

This is why people need to try their best to understand the Quran properly and follow it faithfully. It has nothing at all to do with mullahs mumbo jumbo. The Quran tells us repeatedly that Allah created all things for mankind ie for man to have it under his control one day and to use it to show his creativity through using it sensibly. He created horses and donkeys etc etc for mankind and man was able to think out ways to domesticate these animals for his use. The same way man has to learn how to become controller of the universe by first learning how it works and then using that knowledge for redesigning it so that it becomes like paradise for mankind to live in.

This is why first thing for humanity to do is to eliminate conflicts from between mankind then after unity get on with task of conquering the universe. The Quran tells us that mankind will have blissful, dignified and secure life throughout this universe. So there is plenty to do yet than what we can think of right now.

This is how the universe and the Quran complement each other so God did not fail in expressing himself but we humans have yet to learn much more than we already have to see the purpose God behind all this carry on of ours. We have yet many, many more generations to go before we can say we have established anything much in our own right to be proud of.

God does not want pooja paat instead he wants to be acknowledged and appreciated through knowledge and creativity because only and only learning knowledge about things can lead us to creativity for which God has created us. Only people of knowledge and creativity can truly acknowledge and appreciate God due to his knowledge and creativity. This is why real human beings are graded above all else. God is only great because of his knowledge and creativity by which he was able to express his existence and greatness. So there is no sense in denying the obvious.

The Quran is all about mankind as a single community so it looks at its actions as collective actions of humans as a single family therefore consequences of its actions are also interlinked for the reason of correction of its mindset, attitude and behaviour ie by way of interaction between its individuals and groups etc the human community can move forward in time doing better for itself or worse. When human community does wrong to each other and continues down that lane after some time people rise against this situation and try to pull it off this course to place it on another path that leads to something better. This situation of error and correction will continue till mankind have had enough experience and finally know what is right or wrong and so give up living their lives the wrong way. This is the time when deen of Allah will become truly established among mankind. Even though the Quran teaches things but it is people who need to learn things till they reach the level of learning that will help them realise or actualise what the Quran is actually teaching them. It is like a road map is there but a person to read it needs to prepare himself to be able to make use of it and that takes time and experience. No matter how much parents try to teach their child, the speed at which a baby learns is still a major factor ie learning does not depend on teacher alone but student as well. Since humans are created to learn like self programming robots so they will take time and wil;l make loads of mistakes. Not only that but they will keep erring and they will keep on correcting themselves till they have learned enough to not to make as many mistakes as they do at the start of the learning process.

In the Quran in things that happen man is only held responsible for criminal behaviour and for that intention or motive or purpose behind the action or inaction as well as the course of actions taken, both count.

Life is all about learning but learning is only possible through trial and error. When a person is born he learns to use his brain, his senses, his limbs and in fact his entire body and things available to him.

In this process a person makes many, many mistakes and many a time hurts himself or others. You try to sit but fall over and over, again and again and even get hurt, when you try to learn how to stand, the same happens etc etc. Humans learn things throughout their lives eg you learn to read and write and learn professional skills and go through countless trials and mistakes. The ultimate aim is to be able to do things without making mistakes so we practice more and more in order to be better and better at doing things if not perfect.

This is why there is no concept of sin in Quran- because it is not a book of religion- but about stopping crime because it is about rule of law based system ie Islam. The Quran very clearly states that even if you kill someone by mistake, it is not a crime. It is because for any action to be a crime it has to be motivated by harmful and destructive intent. Any harm that results through mistakes should be compensated where possible through actions for better results ie you try your best to replace loss the best you can as a human being. Only crime is to be punished but the intention for punishment of crime has to be restoration of balance in community that was disturbed by the crime so that unity and peace returns to community after disturbance.

When a crime is carried out or is allowed to be carried out or is helped to be carried out then community spirit breaks down and once motivation for being a community is gone then you are no longer a community but individuals and groups based on private and personal vested interests against the common good or interest. If you committed a crime and others helped you in various ways eg stopped authorities from catching you, charging you, putting you on trial or saved you from being convicted and even after conviction people get you forgiveness then where does all this leave the human community spirit? Moreover why would anyone do that if one is a community friendly person?

In Quran intervention is good if it is motivated for the benefit of human society eg someone was going to kill somebody and you changed his mind, somebody was going to shoot somebody and you took away his gun, people were fighting and you intervened and saved people from bloodshed. Someone was going to take poison and you got there in time and saved him from doing that. Somebody burnt himself and you took him to hospital or put some ointment on him. Someone was accused falsely and you intervened and proved he was accused falsely. Someone is convicted wrongly and you intervene and get him retrial and he is found not guilty and is freed etc etc.

When a person commits a crime, none is allowed to intervene to save him from being charged and put on trial and after conviction from his set out punishment. However, proper advice is allowed so that one does not commit crime to begin with or that one is not charged under false allegation, or put on trial and prosecuted or convicted wrongly or punished wrongly. This is why there is no forgiveness in Quran for criminal unless there is social benefit in doing that because Quran looks at criminal and the victim as members of the same family. If a family has only two brothers and one kills the other then by putting the other to death finishes off the family therefore out of necessity there could be exceptions to rules at times for the community. It is because man is not perfect and all his actions are not necessarily perfect. Therefore the need for a degree of respite is inevitable. From point of view of God his law is fine but from point of view of man, he needs its understanding and he needs to learn its proper application and wherever things fall on man the possibility of error cannot be ruled out so God had to compensate for that. God has limitations as a God and man has limitations as a man. Just as God cannot be expected to do un-Godly things so a man cannot be expected to do things beyond his natural limits as a man. This is why attributing God with human qualities or a human being with Godly attributes is a hugely wrong thing to do because it puts all things in a wrong perspective and context both for God and creation.

Sin is an imaginary concept and so is forgiveness and atonement etc. This is why these are religious inventions by establishment priests to give people sense of freedom from punishment of their crimes in this world by leaving everything to hereafter and then introducing the idea of forgiveness through intervention of good guys to end the sense of punishment for crimes. This way you do what you like and then say certain prescribed words or do some prescribes rituals and all is well, as if you are a new born. These are not Quranic concepts but were adopted into Islam by establishment and its clergy from other religions for their own purposes but later priestly classes accepted them as they are without any due thought process and they keep spreading them. By looking at Muslim societies throughout the world we can see the results of that. Islam is more about this life than hereafter. There is a saying in Urdu that duniya aakhirat ki kheti hai ie the life in this world is the one upon which depends future life or you reap what you sow. The end result depends upon your own thoughts and actions. It is wrong to think that if you commit crimes in this world, you can get away with that just because you believe certain things or say certain words or carry out certain rituals.

The point to remember is that if mistakes are not to be punished and crime has to be that which is motivated and intended then conviction is inevitable and once conviction is there then punishment that fits the crime is inevitable because that is the way God has set up things and no amount of nonsense beliefs and rituals invented by priests can change that. The concept the Quran puts forth is that of collective punishment rather than individual punishment and concept of punishment is based upon cause and effect or consequences of peoples' own actions as a family. The Quran wants humanity to sort out its all problems according to the provided program for set out goals along with guidelines so nicely that one day the world is what it is supposed to be ie a blissful, dignified and secure place called paradise for mankind to live in. So long as people keep neglecting their responsibilities as a proper human community in a kingdom based upon guidance of Allah, the world will remain as hell as people make it for themselves for as long as they want it to stay that way.

This is why people need to understand the Quranic concepts and not listen to their ignorant religious leaders or they are bound to keep suffering the consequences as told in the Quran. This is what evolution of humanity is all about and that is what revolutions are all about. The world is going through cyclic changes and will continue that way till a proper human society comes about that is exactly as the Quran wants it to be. It is people who are going to bring it about not God. He has sent his messenger for the final time to humanity and has said that deen of Islam is finally to prevail ie the world will end up united, peaceful, progressive and prosperous regardless of what opponents of writ of God think or do to try and prevent it. They will lose out and humanity will become the winner. So we all should be part of solutions to problems and not be part of problems. This cannot happen unless we intervene for ensuring well being of humanity by doing things that are of benefit to humanity and stop intervening for harms and destructions of humanity by doing things that benefit none or even harm others. This is why religion is a false concept and deen is a true concept. And this is why priests are wrong but learned scholars of the Quran based deen of Islam are right.

The Quran tells people to find out things and if you do not know them ask those who really know them. Don't go to those who do not know them. Who knows things and who does not can become obvious from what they tell us ie knowledge speaks for itself.