As-Salaam alaikum,
Part of Ayat 46 of Surat TaHa of the Holy Qur'an (20:46) reads: "I HEAR AND I SEE."
The meaning of His Words: "I HEAR", means 'I hear what has occurred between you two [Prophets Musa and Haruna, alaihimussalam] and Pharaoh, therefore I will make you two understand how to debate with him'. Thus no hidden thing is concealed from Allah Ta'ala, Blessed is He, the Lord of the worlds.

This Ayat proves that deafness and blindness are impossible to Him.... He is All-Hearing and All-Seeing. Sheikh Muhammad Tukur, may Allah be Merciful to him, said: "Whoever has gnosis that he is All Hearing and All Seeing is attentively watchful of Him in all his movements and stillness, until He never sees him where He has forbidden him to be or misses him where He has ordered him to be.

The special qualities of the first Name: as-Samee'u is its effectiveness in the answering of supplications, for whoever recites it by saying: 'Ya-Samee'u on a Thursday after the forenoon prayer (ad-duha) 500 times will have his supplications answered. And the special qualities of the second Name: al-Baseeru is its effectiveness in bringing about success in one's affairs, for whoever recites it by saying: 'Ya-Baseeru before the Friday Juma'a prayer 100 times, Allah will open for him his inner vision and make him successful in Righteous words and actions."