Learn Quran recitation and acquire the flexibility of having the Holy Quran in the palm of your hands. Install this app on your smartphone to benefit with the knowledge of Quran wherever you are. You’re welcomed by a splash screen and with a single tap, you proceed to the surah. With a beautiful and suitable User interface, it supports a lot of features for user’s aid.

Download Quran With Urdu Translation - Android


  • Search bar and ‘go to’ button

Search directly for a surah rather than scrolling for its name in the list of 114 surahs right below it. Though reading a surah, you can Change directly to an ayah by tapping on the ‘go to’ button.

  • Bookmarks

Set bookmarks on any surah for either future reference or continuing your progress for next time. Access them from either the settings page or its button next to the search bar.

  • Sajdah points

Learn about the 14 sajdah points scattered across the Quran by accessing them with a single tap in the settings page.

  • Stop signs

Learn the use of stop signs and the way of recitation of encountering each. They are accessible as a list in the settings page.

  • Translation and Transliteration

Display translation of surahs by enabling it in the settings. Settings can be accessed by either swiping to the left or tapping its button. You can also change its language into another from a variety of languages. You will also find the option of enabling transliteration to help with pronunciation.

  • Recitation in mp3

Download recitations in mp3 separately for a surah or for the entire Quran and benefit from this facility by earning sawab for hearing the Quran and also use it for correcting your own recitation.

  • Changeable font

Change the font size and style according to your comfort to help with easy reading.

Benefit from this free Islamic app developed by QuranReadingTM and enhance your Quran reading and recitation abilities.