Price and Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 is now hitting in the market! From the successful results of Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung has now its latest version and this version has more features and applications as compared to the previous one! Its operating system, operating frequency, processing speed, battery time, stand by time, talk time, storage options, memory expansion options, RAM capacity are simply remarkable and should be die for!
In this piece, we are sharing some of the details and other specifications of Samsung Galaxy S4, have a look at them and get to know more about this smart phone:

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a kind of smart phone
It is better than Samsung Galaxy S3
It is bigger in size
Samsung Galaxy S4 has more enhanced and improved features and applications
It has high resolution
Samsung Galaxy S4 has powerful battery life
It has a fast processor
Samsung Galaxy S4 is in a sleek candy bar form
It has unparallel set of applications and features
Instead of touching, tapping or swiping, you can operate this cell phone with a simple wave.
Samsung Galaxy S4 can also be operated by tilting it.
Samsung Galaxy S4 has 13 MP primary camera. You can combine photos taken from both the rear and front cameras
It has S Health application, fitness training application. With the help of its accelerometer, Samsung Galaxy S4 tries to help its users about their fitness. This application also maintains a record of other fitness activities you are involved it.
You can share your music files, photos, games, phone screens with your friends
Samsung Galaxy S4 t has S Translator application, through this you can talk to your foreign friends all around the world.

Hence, we all know that Samsung is now gaining and attaining largest market share! They have been continuously diversifying their product lines. They have now become the market leaders in this gadget making world and they have now the highest market share. This company is also making massive amount of investment so that it may retain its market share. For right now, as soon as Samsung Galaxy S4 will arrive in the market, get hold of it and do not waste a minute! More smart phones are still in pipeline by Samsung and they will sooner or later be launched!