Though it is a fact that Nokia has now been brought over by Microsoft but no one can stop Nokia to keep on launching and coming up with appealing and catchy gadgets. One of their latest products was 108 which is a low end smart phone and it has dual sim features and applications. If we talk about the specifications of 108 then this smart phone is somewhat similar in capabilities and potential as compared to the previous smart phones of Nokia. It is a catchy and appealing smart phone that cannot be neglected in any way and manner. Here, we will be discussing some of the main aspects, details, price and specifications of Nokia 108, have a look at them and let us know that how much you have liked this smart phone!

Details of Nokia 108:
It has 1.8 inch LCD display
It has 160 x 128 resolution
It has 5-point navigation keys
It consists and contain of 12 button keypad.
It has additional VGA camera on the back of it
It has an expandable storage capacity with the help of microSD card slot.
It has 950 mAh battery
It has over a month standby time
It has 14 hours talk-time
It has a weight of 70 grams.
It has optional dual sim feature
It comes with Symbian S40
It has music player and FM Radio applications as its main and primary entertainment features
It has a price $29
It is an affordable smart phone
This smart phone will be launching and coming in the market at the fourth quarter of this year 2013

On the whole, Nokia 108 has an exceptional resolution capacity, keypad features, camera quality, storage capacity, and stand by time, talk time, price and other entertainment features and applications. By looking at its above mentioned details and specifications, if you are finding this smart phone little bit appealing and eye catching then you must have this smart phone right there in your hands at the last quarter of this month. Yes, Nokia has many more gadgets more you so stay in touch with us and get live updated with regard to the product development of Nokia.