For the information of the readers, Samsung has more than 250 millions phones in market and they have 17% market share. Samsung is headquartered in Seocho in Seoul, South Korea. Samsung has been one of the highly competitive gadget making companies worldwide and their success, name and fame cannot be denied. They are competing with HP, Dell, Apple and with many other competitive brands. If you are real ad actual Samsung lovers then we are quite and rather sure that all of you must be waiting for its upcoming cell phones. Well, in this piece of writing, we will be discussing and throwing some light on the Samsung best mobile phone prices, their specifications and other applications so that you may get a clear idea that what makes these Samsung cell phones more competitive from other cell phones!

Have a look at the details:
It is a touch screen mobile phone
It has 256 mb storage which is quite and rather an appealing trait
Its price is Pakistani Rs. 49500 and USD 495 dollars.
This phone has a battery time of 430 hours.
It has 5 mp camera which will surely and without a doubt bring for you

This phone has 16 GB card
Its price is Pakistani Rs. 32000 and USD 320 dollars.
It has a battery time of 960 hours which is amazing and will be refreshing all those who love to talk!
This phone has 3.15 mp camera

3. SAMSUNG D980:
This phone has 45mb internal storage memory.
This phone is quite and rather famous for its top class features and applications
Its price is Pakistani Rs. 23000 and USD 230 dollars.
It has a battery time of 140 hours
It has 5 mega pixel camera

This phone has 32 GB card
Its price is Pakistani Rs. 25000 and USD 250 dollars
It has a 3.15 mega pixel camera which will bring excitement for you

This phone has 32 GB card
Its price is Pakistani Rs. 43600 and USD 436 dollars.
It has 8 mega pixel camera
This phone has the battery time of 450 hours.