Nokia mobiles have 400 million handsets in the world and it has the market share of 28% in worldwide. They are headquartered in Keilaniemi, it is a city adjacent to Finland’s capital Helsinki. This firm has 128,445 recruits in 120 countries. Its annual revenue is of 50.7 billion Euros. Nokia is sort and kind of gigantic gadget making brand that always make us excite and once we hold the cell phones and gadgets of Nokia, we simply cannot take them away and this is quite and rather true! This gadget and cell phone making company has always been making miracles and they will continue to do so. In this particular piece of writing, we will be telling you the details, prices and other sorts of specifications of Nokia mobile phones, most of them are touch screen phones, have a look at these details and let us know that which mobile phone you have liked the most!

• For the information, it is a touch screen mobile.
• It has a 5 Mega Pixel camera that will allow and permit you to take good quality pictures
• It is one of the remarkable touch screen phones.
• It has a battery time of 360 hours that makes it more prominent in this gadget making sector
• Its price is Pakistani Rs. 18400 and 184 dollars

2. NOKIA ASHA 501:
• Nokia asha 501 is a dual sim mobile phone
• It has a 3.15 MP camera
• This phone has 1152 hour battery time
• Price of this phone is coming soon

• This is a touch screen mobile and the touch of this phone is quite and rather smooth
• It has 256 mb storage which is enough for a normal individual
• Its price is Pakistani Rs. 17800 and USD 178 dollars

• This phone has 41 MP camera
• It has a battery time of 540 hours which is quite and rather long
• Its price is Rs.39400 Pakistani and USD 393.95 dollars.

• This phone has 6.1 MP camera
• It has a battery time of 520 hours which is extremely long!
• This phone has been ranked as one of the highly performance full touch screen mobiles
• Its price is Pakistani Rs. 32800 and 328 dollars