Price And Specifications Of Jolla Smartphone

Jolla is one of the most famous and we can say that currently this is one of the fresh arrivals in the markets in sake of highlighting the technology accessories. This brand has been all infused in showcasing out the mobile models with the best of the best features plus the affordable rates as well. Jolla has always made sure that whatever they are installing their mobile phones travel ideally for the people for fulfilling their daily based requirements.

Moving onward this time Jolla has introduced their classy smart phone for the buyers. This smart phone has been as usual loaded with the extraordinary specifications. In the below article we would love to mention some of the major features of Jolla Smartphone.

• Device Type: Jolla is based upon the category of being the smart phone.
• Operating System: It has the operating System of Sailfish.
• Screen Size: This smart phone has been equipped with the 4.5 inches screen size. In addition it has the multi-touch touch screen pad system.
• Resolution: Its screen capacity has the resolution of 540/960 pixels along with 245 ppi.
• Additional Features: It also includes light sensor and proximity sensor features as well.
• Battery Power: It has the battery power of approximate 2100 mAh.
• System Chip: It has the system chip named as QualComm Snapdragon.
• Processor: This smart phone has Dual core along with the 1400 MHz in the company of graphic processor as well.
• Memory Capacity: Its system memory has the capability of 1024 MB RAM along with the built in storage of 16 GB.
• Camera: The camera has been enclosed with the 8 megapixels with the assistance of LED. It also has the camcorder too. Its front facing camera is filled with 2 megapixels.
• Entertainment Features: In addition this smart phone has been loaded with music player, loud speakers, You Tube Player, Navigation Technology, Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi, Tethering, Computer sync, OTA sync and so many others.

Although this smart phone has not yet launched inside the market therefore no such predictions have been made regarding its actual price. But we can assure out all the buyers that it will going to placed within their ordinary and reasonable budget for sure.
We are sure that through this article you must have gained enough information related with this Jolla Smartphone. Don’t miss out grabbing it…..