Motorola X is one of the very first smart phones that will now be developed and manufactured by Google. Yes, Motorola X will be giving head to head competition to iPhone developers and manufacturers. We all know that Google has gone for strategic acquisition with Motorola and now they have come up with this smart phone known by the name of Motorola X. So far, very little specifications and technical features have been highlighted by Google, as soon as Motorola X will arrive in the market you will get to know more about this smart phone and its pros and cons and will be able to decide that whether this smart phone, Motorola X is better than iPhone gadgets or not! So far, the image and some of the pictures of Motorola X have been revealed and this model is named by Motorola XT 1056. Here in this post, we will be throwing some information and highlight on the features and other technical details of this handset:

Details of Motorola X:
Motorola X has a display of 4.7 inches 720 p
It has 1.7 GHz Snapdragon processor
Motorola X has 2 GB of RAM
It has Wifi, LTE, NFC as its connectivity features and applications
Motorola X has a presence of 16 GB internal memory
It has removable battery
It has android 4.2.2 operating system

This is only the tip of the ice berg from Motorola X, there is lot more to come from this side! So far, this smart phone is not available in the market and we have yet not received any news that when this smart phone will be revealing! Let us all cross our fingers and see that whether Motorola X will be hitting the market or not!

iPhone developers should now make their selves ready because Google is almost ready to give them massive competition. As soon as we come across more features of traits of this smart phone, Motorola X we will surely and without a doubt update and upgrade you. There is no doubt about it Google can never left behind itself in making unique and dazzling innovations. You must try out this smart phone and see the differences that how much it is unique from iPhone smart phones.