We all know about who is Mona Lisa. It one of the world's most famous and most discussed art work. It is the picture on which the most numbers of books are written. It was painted by one of the finest artists of his his time his name was "Leonardo da Vinci". The prortrait is basically an oil painting on poplar. This painting was made on request by Leonardo da Vinci. It is said to be the painting of Lisa Gherardini who was wife of Francesco del Giocondo, and he requested Leonardo to paint a portrait of her wife for him. The exact date of the painting is not known but it was made some where between 1503-1506.

He started painting it in 1503 or may be 1504 and then left it after working on it for about 4 years and then he regretted himself of not even doing that one work properly. He was by then invited by the King of France to work at the Clos Louis. It is said that he took the painting with himself to the castle and did work on it there. After his death the painting was inherited by his assistant and then the King bought it for 4000ecus(currency of that time) and it remained in the Palaca of Fortainebleau as long as Louis XIV arrived and then he shifted it to the Palace of Versaillies and then after French revolution it was shifted to Louvre and after world war II after travelling from different places it reached Montauban. It was then stole one time many people were arrested as suspicious and it was thought that the painting is lost forever but then Vincenzo Peruggia was caught and he was the thief. He actually was actually a patriot and wanted that the painting of an Italian Painter should be in Italian Museum. But then it was returned to Louvre.

*It is painted on 77x53cm poplar wood.

*The first most intresting thing about the picture is that no one exactly knows who this lady is, some people say it to be a female form of Leonardo, some say it to Lisa Gherardini as described above but the mystery still is unsolved and will ever remain as no one of that time is alive now.

*One more intresting thing of this picture is that the name of this picture that we know today is because of a Spelling Mistake :P. The real name was Madona then Monna Lisa which due to a spelling mistake is now changed to Mona Lisa.

*In1976 the picture was damaged by throwing acid on it by which the lower elbow portion was badly damaged and repainting took several years.

*The picture was stole as well as damaged once by throwing stone and thus now it has been protected with a bullet proof glass in a temperature controlled room which costed 7million dollars for the paris museum to it.

*The most beautiful painting and the most beautifull considered woman in the world has no eyebrows, yes ponder upon the painting you'll fnd no eye brows people folk different stories behind this but the main thing is because Leonardo never finished it.

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