Asalam o Alikum.

I wanna setup a network server(gateway) by which i could share my PTCL DSL (Internet Connection) with my users, and i want to put some restrictions/privacy to them e.g: user1 would be restricted to the speed limit of 512kbps, user2 would be restricted to the speed limit of 256kbps, and i want to bind my users with a privacy of IP/MAC address or by username/Password, and only those users could use the internet whose MAC address or Username/Password is allowed by me.

in Urdu:

mujhey apna internet share karnay k liye ek network server (gateway) banana hai, jis se main kuch restrictions aur privacy control kar sakun, jaisay falah user k paas itni speed jaye aur falah user k paas itni, aur sirf un users k paas internet chalen jin ki ip/mac ya username/pw main ne server se kholi howi ho. aur meray paas ek doosray network ka LAN bhi hai jis ki main local sharing website apnay users k paas share karna chata hoon.

is kaam k liye main ne ek pc le lia hai jis main 3 LAN Cards (NICs) install kar diyen hain ab is main konsa Operating System ya freebsd wagera install karna hai aur kaisay karna hai aur phir isay kaisay configure karna hai ta k main ye kaam kar sakun ??

Thanks for reading my problem, and i would really appreciate your precious reply and comments