We have seen that most of the individuals are looking for method that will make to install custom made ROM on their cell phones. Follow a list of the below written steps and let yourself know that you can get done with this installation process.

In the very first step you have to make the Backup of your personal Data. Make sure that you make a backup of all your files, folders and applications so that there might not be any chance that you lose data while installing custom ROM in an android phone.

In the second step you have to boot up your android device and start making up the original backup of your ROM. It is important for you to root your android device, if you are not going to do this then you will not be allowed to make changes in your android phone. After this, activate USB mode on your device and connect it to your system.

In the third step, right after you connect the USB port with your system, start installing the custom ROM in your android phone. If you do not have an installed ROM then it is important for you to first install and download custom ROM in your system.

Right after installing custom ROM in your system you have to copy the downloaded version in your device card. Open the device manager on your device and allow it to reboot it. Once the device get entered into a recovery mode tab, you have to make a selection of the back up option and wait for the system till it copies all information on your android phone. This is all the end of this process.

We can say that installing custom made ROM in your android phone is not at all difficult now. You only have to go through certain steps and this application will then be right there on your phones. If this ROM is present in your desktop systems then it is quite and rather good because you only have to copy it and put it in your phone. On the other hand, if you do not have this application on your system then you first have to download and then transfer it on your android phones.