If you are having iPhone handset and do not know proper way that how you can transfer date from Android to iPhone, have a look at the below written details:

In order to transfer data from Android to iPhone, you have to first make a backup of your data. For this, you need to connect your Android handset with your computer and transfer all files, applications, images, contacts, folders and other servers right on that desktop system. Once back up is created, now you are all set and ready to transfer your data to your iPhone.

Transfer your photos and pictures to iPhone:

In order to transfer your photos and pictures to iPhone, follow below written steps:
On your personal computer, open the applications of Apple.
By making use of a USB cable, connect your iPhone with your computer.
On the top right corner of your desktop screen, select iTunes.
Make a selection of the tab of photos and images and with the help of drop down menu, choose all the pictures and images that you want them to transfer to your iPhone.
Make a click on the Apply button so that pictures start getting transferred. As soon as, you will hit on this button, this process will get started.
Transfer other media to your iPhone:
In order to transfer other media to your iPhone, follow below written steps:
You have to make a selection of the tabs audio and video, the minute you are going to click on these tabs; these media will be transferred to your iPhone.

Transfer contacts to your iPhone:

In order to transfer contacts to your iPhone, follow below written steps:
For this, you first have to set up an application on your iPhone handset.
Now, open up your system and send that contact file to your iPhone.

On the whole, we can say that transferring data from android to iPhone is not a problem now. You can make use of the above mentioned written method and can easily and conveniently transfer all your data images, pictures, contacts, files, folders and applications in a smooth way and manner. Now, without having fear and hitch in your mind, get iPhone right away and get done with this transfer process instantly.