As we all know that Qmobile phones are one of the leading and emerging phone companies in Pakistan. They have now come up with this Qmobile Android Phone which possess 512 MB RAM. So far, it has been taken into account that this mobile company ahs received mix reviews from the mobile audience. Some of the users liked this mobile brand, on the other hand some of them find trouble while operating and using their cell phones.

If you want to run applications on this android phone in a proper way then have a look the below details:

You have to remove and eliminate all the unnecessary applications and files. At times, we have noticed and observed that there are some applications in your phones that run by default and this makes your cell phone not to run smoothly and flawlessly. If you are having Qmobile Android Phone and you find trouble while operating your necessary applications then you have to uninstall minor applications, this will give RAM some memory space.

You should avoid making use of widgets. If you are having Qmobile Android Phone, consumption of widgets consumes lots of memory of RAM and makes other applications not to work in a proper way and manner.

It is important for you to keep your Qmobile Android Phone fully and completely updated. It has been viewed that android keep on updating the OS on daily basis so what you need to do is that keep on updating that operating system so that your cell phone may have fully updated soft wares.

You should not make use of live wallpapers; this usage will reduce the battery time of your Qmobile Android Phone. It is preferable to make use of static wall papers on your cell phone.

Avoid the process of synchronization. This process uses RAM and prohibits the running of remaining applications.

It is recommended and suggested that you can make use of RAM booster or task killer of you wants to run your applications smoothly on Qmobile Android Phone.

This soft ware will kill and eradicate all the unwanted applications and will only be running those applications as ordered by you.

It is time that you make use of these tips and suggestion if you have ever encountered and faced problem with the running of applications on Qmobile Android Phone.