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  1. wud u like to tell how can i make new threads...i m just capable of posying replyies or thaks
  2. hey ker lia menay...i got da potential Bravo!
    acha i hv made two one
    wud u like to join them
  3. want to know about urself...want to know about ur me loneliness is a one knows himself well when he or she is alone...i want u to share ur experiances...if u like
  4. Assalam-o-Allykom Wrt Wbrkt
    What You Want To Know
  5. mmmm...
    as per da status mentioned by u as tanha udas...want to know dat y so?
    in ma view udasi is oneself creativity...wud like to know about u n ur
    experiances if u allow...m waiting nd tata
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