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NEXUS 6 on it's way!

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    NEXUS 6 on it's way!

    With iPhones and Samsungs put aside, the next flagship android smartphone none other than Nexus 6, which is reported to be launched with Android L. The rumor has it that the Google's new Android's silver program,where the search engine is will turning to key smartphone manufacturers and being in collaboration with the Google, it will providing some high end devices. Some claim that this could put an end to the Nexus line. However, as Android's head of engineering Dave Burke has confirmed the brand is still 'invested in Nexus'. There's more to the this story, that is, the new Nexus phone will be very similar to Motorola's second-gen Moto X. As the leaks were out, via 9to5Google, we have an idea of what exactly the Nexus 6 smartphone will look like. The mock-up is based on the Moto X as the Nexus 6 will reportedly be a bigger version of Motorola's flagship handset. It's code-named 'Motorola Shamu' and will be referred to as either Nexus 6 or Nexus X.

    Nexus had been into the business with a very distinct aim, which could even be considered to be 'personal mantra' , that is to provide high specs, low price and a pure version of Android. Now Nexus shows a soft spot for their fans by considering the fact that low prices will only give more chances for people to afford it 'easily', whereas we don't that kind initiative from either the iPhones or the Samsungs. With that said, let's see if Nexus 6 will be keeping up with their very aim. We are about to roll in all the informations we have so far on the latest Nexus and give you the chimes to make your choice. And of course a very honest opinion if Nexus 6 is still keeping up with their aim to be high spec,low price and purely Android.

    Oh and did I mention that the Nexus 6 is even considered to be a 'giant sized monster', with a 5.9 inch of a display, so it's nearly as large as a tablet, in other words, pushing the device into the phablet category. Some sources even reckoned that the latest model will be based on the LG G3 but LG denied to have any involvement with the Nexus 6. 9to5Google has reported that the giant screen will come with a Quad HD 2560 x 1440 resolution, putting it at the same level as LG's recently released G3. The Nexus 9 will also come with a giant 3,200 mAh battery to power that mega-screen. Well, in my opinion, Nexus 6 isn't the only one with a bigger screen, in fact there are several one out there and the bigger the screen, the better the view but people find it harder to use it with just one hand. Furthermore, it's even reported that the Nexus 6 will be using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor and 3 GB of RAM. It's a 64-bit chip which matches up to the strong possibility that the smartphone will come with Android L. The device will have a 13 mega pixel main camera and 2-mega pixel front camera, a feature included in most of the flagship smartphones. It is also rumored that the phone will be a 32 GB version. 9to5Google agrees, claiming it will have a ''13MP main snapper which can shoot 4K video and a 2MP front-facing one which is apparently the same as the camera on the front of the new Moto X''. And then there would be a fingerprint scanner too. Other features are reported to be Geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, photo sphere, HDR, dual recording.

    The release date isn't confirmed as of yet but it's rumored to be around October 31st considering how the previous one was released around the very same time. Once the Nexus 6 is out, it will be a part of the 'Clash of phones' as we discussed earliar in the previous articles.

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    Re: NEXUS 6 on it's way!

    it will be the daddy of all phone of 2014

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