Crux360 is a new Bluetooth keyboard for iPad. Here we will try to analyze this productís features. Although this device might not be the first in the market, its full rotational hinge makes it a better option for your iPad.

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Crux 360 Case with Bluetooth Keyboard
The outer casing consists of matte black finishing that increases grip while holding. The holder for the tablet has a two-piece attachment that secures your iPad firmly. Although there is some portion of its backside that is exposed, on the brighter side, it shows off the Apple logo nicely.

As far as the weight of Crux360, it is roughly 700 grams, which might not be less, but it is also not so heavy that it would interrupt your mobility. Moreover, for size although, it is thicker than the Apple MacBook but it entirely depends on your personal preference.

The Keyboard
The keyboard is the most important element of the Crux360. It has the exact width of the iPad and it also looks great. But for a person who has bigger than average hands it might be difficult to get used to it. For those who already are using such devices for typing, the keyboard works just fine. However, a little more gap between the buttons will be more comfortable for persons who want to make notes on class lectures or business meetings. The space bar is very small in size and the delete key has the same lock screen button width, which happens to be right above it and while typing it is often mistakenly pressed by the user and thus disturbs the flow.

Crux360 also has function keys on the top row to replace the finger swiping tasks in iOS and when you get used to this, cutting and pasting becomes much easier. The connectivity of the Bluetooth is great and connection issues never appear.

Practical in Use
The Crux360 is found to be very useful in both casual and desktop type of environments. Although it is found a bit difficult to adjust in lap, the strong hinge proved very good and supported the iPad on the same angle where it can be placed.

Finally, I must say that although the issues like the back of the iPad not being fully protected, keys are smaller in size and the frustration of pressing the lock screen key instead of delete are pretty hectic, but for portability while taking important notes or doing some important typing, this product should be on the top of your list.