For the information of the readers, WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging systems that has been used in the world and the number of users that make use of this subjected ad particular application is growing day by day. 4 years back, this application known by the name of WhatsApp came into view and according to the Wall Street Journal, they are of this notion and viewpoint that this application has grown remarkably and it has managed to grab and capture million numbers of users in such a smaller time frame. From the current figures, WhatsApp has now 250 million active users and this is quite and rather a big figure for an application that has just emerged 4 years back! Having 250 million users is a big achievement and victory for WhatsApp!

In April, the CEO announced the achievement and accomplishment of 18 billion messages sent every day and this figure of sent messages is far more as compared to the sent messages of Face book. WhatsApp has also achieved to have more active users as compared to Twitter. Twitter has 200 million active users but WhatsApp has 250 million active users.

According to the Wall Street Journal, WhatsApp has reached 250 million active users in a time frame of four years; on the other hand Twitter has reached this number of 200 million active users in 7 years. So, yes we can say that WhatsApp is hitting the markets and making a plunge over face book and twitter. So far this is the great and remarkable accomplishment by the company. As we all know that it is a crowded and jam-packed global world and it is not at all easy to make your presence when world is full of face book, twitter and Viber like applications! But still WhatsApp has now marked its position and can be seen at the very first position of this social media platform.

If you have not used WhatsApp and do not have a clear idea that what this application all about is, you must right away activate it and make use of it! You will notice that you have made a plunge into a totally different instant messaging world. Have WhatsApp on your cell phones and be its next active user!