Assalam alaikum,

The reality of the Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam, as eternally known by Allah, Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, plays a crucial role both cosmologically (that is in the creation of the world) and as an archetype for the reality of all Prophets. In the Holy Qur'an, it is mentioned that Allah sent him as a Mercy and a Blessing for the whole creation.

In the Hadith, it is mentioned that the first thing created by Allah was Muhammad's light; while yet another tradition affirms that it was Muhammad's spirit. Sayyadi Ibn Arabi dsicusses a verse in the Qur'an concerning the reality of the ithmus, to the effect that when 2 seas mingle together there should be an ithmus between the 2, so that they would not encroach on one another. He metaphysically and symbolically interprets this that there should be an intermediary between 2 independent ontological realms, such as this world and the next, sense perception and intellect, and Allah and the Universe.

Such an intermediary between Allah and the universe is the Muhammadan Reality, which is the first determination or the first manifestation of Allah to Himself and comprises the reality of all things. Being a determination or manifestation means that it is created but at the same time it embraces within itself the archetypal reality of everything other than Allah. It is as if the openings (mafatih) or the master keys of all things have been entrusted to Muhammad, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam. Moreover, all Prophets, even if historically preceding him, obtain their Prophet hood from the lamp of his Prophecy. We learnt part of this in the Hadith where the Prophet himself said: "I was a Prophet while Adam was still a mixture of water and clay." Other Prophets were not so except when they were chosen by Allah.