-Milk 1\2 cup
-Apple 2
-Cream 1\2 cup
-Cabbage one small
-Chicken 4 pieces(boiles)
-Cheese cheddar 1\4 of pack(grated)
-Eggs 2 hard boiled
-Egg 1 for mayonnaise
-Bread for making duckling
-Pineapple juice 1\2 cup
-Ketchup 1\2 cup
-Black pepper/salt to taste
-chinese salt to taste
-cucumber one(grated)

Make mayonnaise of one egg. Blend milk,apple,and cream while making mayonnaise. Cut cabbage (very thinly) and put it in a bowl. Add boiled and shredded chicken in it. Add cheese and cucumber in bowl. Mash hard-boiled eggs and add to above mixture. Now make the mayonnaise. Blend apples,cream and milk in the mayonnaise. Add ketchup,pineapple juice to the mayonnaise mixture. Mix in the bowl. Cut the bread in the shape of ducklings. Fill it with the filling and serve..