CONDENSED MILK------------- 1 tin
MILK---------------------------------- 1/2 litre
CREAM------------------------------- 1 pkt
MILK CHOCOLATE-------------- 1 bar
PISTACHIO-------------------------- 1/2 cup
COCOA POWDER----------------- 3 tsp
GELATIN----------------------------- 4 tsp
WATER-------------------------------- 5 tbsp

Take a sauce pan filled with water and place two small bowls in it. Put little water in one of the bowls with 4 tsp gelatin powder. Put small amount of milk and add halfof the chopped chocolate bar in second bowl. Stir constantly until the gelatin and chocolate dissolves completely. Take the bowls out and let it cool. Now pour 1 tin condensed milk in a separate bowl. Add 3tsp of cocoa powder to the condensed milk and stir completely. To this mixture add cream and continue stirring. Add gelatin, remaining milk and chocolate mixture. Fold all and add chopped pistachio to it. Transfer the fudge into a serving bowl. Garnish it with remaining grated chocolate and allow it to chill in refrigerator for atleast 40 minutes. Serve it cold.