Web Browser:

Web browser is a software program that allows accessing and viewing Web pages. Web browser software is built on the concept of hyperlinks, which allows users to point and click with a mouse in order to jump from one document to another in whatever order they desire.

Different Types of Web Browser:

There are different Web browsers that are available and in use today and they all come with a variety of features. Some of the Web browsers are:

Microsoft Internet Explorer:

This Web browser is the most widely used browser by people around the world. It was developed by Microsoft in 1995 as a supportive package to Microsoft Windows operating system.

Mozilla Firefox:

It is the second most famous browser after internet explorer. It can be used on many different operating systems including Windows, Macintosh, O/2 and UNIX. It supports tabbed browsing that allows the user to open multiple sites in a single Window.


This Web browser was developed by Opera software in 1996. It is a well known browser that is mainly used in activated mobile phones and smart phones. It is used with many operating systems like Linux, Mac, OS, Microsoft Windows, etc.

Netscape Navigation:

It was developed by Netscape Communication Corporation and was most popular in 1990s. It was compatible with almost every operating system.

Uses of Internet:

Do you know that more than a billion people have access to the internet, the Web contains tens billions of pages, and over one hundred billion e-mail messages are sent each day. Almost anything you can do in the real world has an equivalent in the online world. This includes reading news, searching information, chatting with other people, making friends, sharing data and information, shopping, playing games and listening to or watching movies.

E-mail (electronic mail):

The electronic mail enables us to exchange messages with people around the world, including friends, family members, colleagues, customers and even people you meet on the internet. E-mail is quite fast, easy and inexpensive. Unlike postal mail messages which can take days to be delivered and require postage, e-mail messages are usually delivered within minutes and you do not pay an extra charge send them.


You can instantly communicate with people around the world by typing back and forth. This is called chatting. And it is one of the most popular features of the internet.
A chat is a real-time typed conversation which takes place on a computer. Real-time means that you and the people with whom you are conversing are online at the same time. As you type on your keyboard, a line of characters and symbols get displayed on the computer screen, other connected to the same chat room server also can see what you have typed. In some chat rooms, you can click a button to see a profile of someone in the chat room.

Instant Messages:

You can exchange instant messages to have a private conversation with friends, colleagues and family members on the internet.

Instant Messaging (IM):

Instant messaging is a real-time internet communications service that notifies you when one or more people are online and then allows you to exchange messages or files or join a private chat room with them each messages you send will immediately appears on the other person’s screen.

Instant Messaging Programs:

You need to install an instant messaging program on your computer to exchange instant messages with other people. You must use the same instant messaging program as the people you want to exchange messages with.

Windows Messenger:

You can use Windows messenger to see when your friends are online and exchange instant messages and files with them. It has everything you are used to your contact list, emotions, and instant access to your words via text, voice and video.

Yahoo Messenger:

We can use yahoo messenger to see when your friends are online and exchange instant messages and files with them.

AOL Messenger:

AOL instant messenger (AIM) is an instant messaging program which allows to registered users to communicate in real time.

Google Talk:

Google talk is Google’s instant communications service. Like Gmail Google’s free Webmail service, Google Talk uses Google’s innovative technologies to help people communicate more and effectively efficiently. This means Google Talk is fast, intuitive fun to use.

Social Networking or Network Groups

It is a service on the internet that enables you to connect with people who share similar personal or professional interests. One most social networking site, the members are connected to each other as friends, friends of friends and so on.
The main purpose of using social networking sites is to keep track of what is going on in the lives of friends, family and colleagues, especially the people with whom we do not meet daily. It also helps us to expand our circle of friends and business contacts.


Orkut is an internet network service run by Google. It is named after its creator, Orkut Buyukkokten, an employee of Google. It claims to be designed to help users meet new friends and maintain existing relationships. Similar to Friendster and MySpace, Orkut goes a step further by permitting the creation of easy-to-setup simple forums of users. Orkut is the eighth most visited site throughout the world. It is also the second most visited site in India.


Facebook is also the most popular social networking site on the Web, with over 100 million users worldwide. Users can add friends and send them messages, and update their personal profiles to notify friends about themselves.
Facebook started in 2004 as a tool for connecting students at Harvard University, but it soon expanded to other universities and then to high school students.


The internet provides many entertainments for you. You can download music, watch latest movie trailers and even downloads it. Tune in to internet-based radio stations, and listen to streaming audio. You can play online games and see the photos or videos that people are sharing.


Blogs are also known as Weblogs. There are over 100 million blogs on the Web. Blogging is an exciting and dynamic online medium by which you can publish your ideas, opinions and stories online. With millions of blogs available on Net, you can read what others have published.
A blogs is a Web site that consists of a frequently updated collection of entries. Most blogs focus on a particular topic or subject area and provide commentary or news on these subjects. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, Web pages, and other media related to its topic. The entries that appear on a blog are called posts, and the act of publishing a blog entry is called posting. A single person who maintains many blogs is called as a blogger. Some bloggers allow other people to post occasional entries, and those people are known as guest bloggers. There are also many blogs that have multiple authors.

Search Engine:

A software program which helps in finding Web sites, Web pages and internet files is called a search engine. Search engines are particularly helpful in locating Web pages on certain topics or in locating specific pages for which you do not know the exact URL. To find a page or pages, you enter a word or phrase, called search text or keywords. In the search engines’ text box. Many search engines use a program called a spider to display a list of all Web pages that contain the word or phrase you entered. Also called crawler or bot, a spider reads pages on Web sites in order to create a catalog, or index, of hits.