As you may know about panama that from 1819 Panama was a part of federation and Colombia. But then when the Colombia Government rejected the plan of United States to build a canal across Isthmus of Panama, a revolution was held supported by the US which led to the independence/formation of panama. The new Panamian governament then signed a treaty with US that allowed them to build the canal.

The canal is 77km about 8 miles long and 150m wide, the minimum depth of the canal is 2.5m. It is the basic way for the Panama for the International Marine Trade. The canal joins the two oceans "The pacific and The Atlantic". Panama was lucky to have a tactical location because from this location the way between the two oceans is very less, or else many others had tried to join the two oceans but only French and Americans were succeded. Vasco Nunaz de Balboa was the first to estimated that a canal can be built here after he reached pacific. More than 43,400 people worked at a time tobuild this canal and at that time the biggest problem was that the Panama was disease ridden with malaria and yellow fever specially in the canal zone. The materials excated can circle the worl 4 times.

This canal is one of the greatest engineering achievements of the world and this has dramatically shortened a ships path by making a displacement path for them. it now takes about 8-19 hours to cross this path. This canal do favours the country in many ways and earns for some GDP too.