mapdigit com]Mobile map api (guidebee biz) allows you use Google Map, Bing Map,
Yahoo etc to write native applications on all most every platform on the
market, either on desktop (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix) or on mobile
platforms (Java ME, Blackberry, Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Windows
Phone 7) with a consistent APIs; it also support offline map and vector
map in the same API package

Major features of Guidebee Map API are shown as below:
 Native UI Framework support
 Map Pan
 Map Zoom In/Zoom Out
 Geocoding
 Reverse Geocoding
 Routing
 Local search
 IP Search
 Latitude, Longitude search
 Location API
 Cell Location search
 Google Map Service
 MapAbc Map Service
 CloudMade Map Service
 Vector Map support
 Stored Map support
 Multiple Map types support
 Multiple Language support
 Customized Map Type support
 Other UI Framework
 Graphics 2D API
 Sample code
 Detailed document
 Trial license (Free)
 Commercial License avaiable for purchase