Oh dear, I wish to go visit Nepal
Not British lakes or Niagara falls

Not cobbled paths of Julian Alps
Nor far off lands with tangy kelps

Want to set my eyes on peaks
Those are sights my soul seeks

The grandest of them to behold
On which I’v been for ages sold

Want to see Everest and its glory
Its legends spirits and its story

Shiny mount with a creamy top
Standing tall amid lollipops

To tucked away blue glacial lakes
Where geese are seen tracing wakes

Winding paths along vertical cliffs
To trek therein and flowers sniff

To meet and greet a friendly lot
Their spotless hearts without a blot

I want to savor Buddha’s home
Muse and reflect like a puny gnome

Feel the caress of gentle breeze
Oh’ I want to go there please!

saadat tahir
17th July, 2k16