Then by what impulse the crazy hath
Girdled them selves with hells wrath
Washed, trimmed, broken last bread
Ablutions done and prayers said
In vacant eyes the *****’s dance
gnome, sprite and demons prance
to them the virtuous virgins appear
in twisted rants, been made clear
in a distant heartless gaze, is set
the wonton fury of death beset
they know the fold, of a holy light
no smile or pain nor scattered blight
as they walk up to a mundane life
in a flash meant for an ugly strife
a kid there eyeing a melon ripe
hurrying woman for her child’s gripe
old man bent under gathered wood
Watchman shaded under flimsy hood
Bikes stand helper pulling a chain
bearded mullah at a holiness feign
then Lucifer’s cue, a horrific boom
for life to thrive is left no room
implode explode is one big mess
blood flows ample to mix in a cess
visions of rapture? a rainbow ascent?
tears and death in dungeon’s descent
shred up gore is the burden of earth
The love and life in a tore up hearth
in shards of metal and sorrow, sent
To unholy thoughts and acts is lent

saadat tahir
02nd Jun, 2k13

Suicide bombers and the aftermath…
One can not forget the ‘premath’ of drone attacks either, that kill and maim countless hundreds, just as arbitrarily, just as callously and thoughtlessly.