Not for a trice feel a wayward twinge
for distant bells that hollow ring
familiar creak of the wooden loft
loving caress to a cheek so soft

so hold your child and merrily sing
to hug him dear and arms fling
savor the morning's early dew
tis the love that but earn a few

look the eye of your beaming beau
the glint therein that you watched grew
in your frock and braid and held flower
the sun the moon and shining star

the well worn stair, forward deck
wizened eye that seeks your beck
feline grace of your cat’s stretch
topped pail, in which you water fetch

sing and dance and take a step
to homely kitchen and roasting prep
tumblers stacked and the slanty mop
from window watch that ye often hop

saadat tahir
19 May, 2k13

This poem is done as first, in a series of three, portraying three different lives of women.
A very popular series (soap opera like published series) in my home country is called ...'teen aurten teen kahanian' (Urdu)
translation.... three women three stories
i have tried to be non judgmental and just portrayed what the minds eye sees.
There is no bias involved or preference, just a poetic rendering of what i see around me.
Yes.... just my impressions.

Distant bells...1905 - 2k13
Sovereign girl … 1905 - 2k13
Back home wife … 2905-2k13