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    Democracy is an expression which is very dear to those who love mankind and who believe that the salvation of the world lies in the acceptance of the ideals for which it stands. If truely interpreted it means freedom, justice and equality for all classes of people under a form of government which besides being formed be the people themselves is dedicated to the noble task of removing their ignorance and backwardness, raising their moral and material standards, and giving them peace and contentment. The man in the street who understands but little of the complicated mechanism of modern politics also expects at the time of elections to Parliamentary bodies that his favourite candidate for whom he is going to cast his vote would strive for the achievement of these ideals when he is elevated to a place pf power in the government of the country. In fact, all well-wishers of humanity want that only such governments as promote the well-being of the masses, without, of course, inciting external conflicts, should come into power everywhere, for they alone can give respite to our war-weary world.
    Democracy is simple words means a government of the common people functioning through their chosen representatives. Although nothing is simpler to define then democracy, nothing is more difficult to understand than democracy in action. In 1795 Thomas Cooper defined democracy as "government of the people and for the people". Since such a government gave a tyrant a chance to proclaim his government democratic Daniel Webster revised this definition, made for the people, made by the poeple, and answerable to the people". Lincoln in his famous Gettysburg utterance again shortened it to "government of the people, by the poeple, for the people," thus giving it the classical and final form. Commenting on Lincoln's definition A. Powell Davies in his book Man's Vast Future says:
    Yet it is not a complete definition,
    as Lincoln would have been the first
    to insist.For democracy is something
    more than government. Like Liberty
    and equality--words which Lincoln
    complained had never been properly
    defined--democracy has larger
    meanings than a single definition
    can convey. And that should be our
    starting point. Words that are
    baffling to define are seldom words
    of small meanings. Freedom, justice,
    wisdom, goodness, spirit, beauty, life
    and love--these, also, have baffled
    their definers.
    The modern concept of democracy is shrouded in a cobweb of political, social and economic interests of differebt countries of the world, and there are as many forms and shapes of democracy as there are countries claiming to practise it. In Western countries there are both Presidential and Parliamentary forms of democracy.
    A democratic state confers on its citizens certains rights which may be termed as individual liberties. Among these are the right to hold one's political views or convictions and to express them freely through the press or the platform, the right of an individual to demand and expect justice when a wrong is done to him, the right of every man and woman to work for his or her living in an honest or decent manner, and the right to worship God in any form or shape one pleases to choose. Sometimes these liberties are abused, providing governments with an excuse to curtail them or to suppress them altogether in the name of maintaining law and order. Such action hurts the cause of democracy, and very often paves the way to dictatorship. For the successful functioning of democracy in a state, long training in democratic processes aimed at making the people understand their responsibilities and discharge them in the interests of the state, is absolutely essential.
    A powerful rival ideology which seeks to work with the cooperation of Parliamentary democracy in some countries and to replace it in others is socialism. This new creed promises all good things of life to all people, particularly to those who are at present suffering from the evils of economic exploitation of the moneyed classes in backward regions of the world.
    But with the collapse of the Soviet Union the socialist ideology has suffered a serious setback. Socialists have been routed in Italy's Parliamentary elections, and rightists have captured power. In France Mitterand's popularity has nose-dived and a rightist Prime Minister is running the government. In many other countries where socialists held away, a tidal wave of capitalism and free market economy is sweeping leftist forces off the corridors of power. Even the rules of China and Vietnam have diluted their communism, introduced free market practices in their economy and are looking forward to expanding their trade with Western countries. So it is the Western capitalist form of democracy which has become universally acceptable in the post-Cold War period.

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    Re: Democracy

    i want future of democracy in pakistan

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