Today, man lives in a world where struggle and effort is necessary for survival. He has to toil from dawn to dusk. Physical and mental exertions leave him utterly exhausted and enervated after the whole day's work. The constant drudgery of daily routine life rusts his talent and efficiency. He needs some pleasant activity to lighten this burden of monotony. He needs leisure and idle hours to soothe his perturbed feelings and troubled soul. Different people do different things to this effect. Though there are various things I do at the moments of leisure but the thing that attracts all of my attention is gardening. Francis Bacon in his essay ''Of Garden'' says,'' God almighty first planted a garden. And, indeed, it is the purest of human pleasures.'' Thus, the hobby of mine is ultimate source of pleasure and joy for me.
Hobby is an activity that one does at spare time for the sheer sake of delight and recreation. It invigorates both our body and soul. It breathes new life into a lethargic and lazy body. Therefore, hobby is a felicitous activity to refresh body and brain. I live in a big city where life is too much mechanical, dull and dreary. It is void of peace, serenity, calm and quiet. I often desire to do some recreational activity to get rid of this tedious and boring life-style. For this purpose, I have made a lawn in front of my house and a garden at the back of my house. In the garden, I have planted mango, lemon, orange and banana trees. There, I grow flowers of various kinds. They present a bright, colourful and vivid scene and spread a sweet aroma all around. Green fruit trees, lush grassy lawn and the thick mistless covering the front wall of my house enhance the beauty of my house and add colours to the surroundings. The clean brown soil of the beds of flowers presents a sharp contrast to the lush green of the garden. The trunks of the trees have been white-washed approximately upto four feet. Green leaves ''Fluttering and dancing in the breeze'' and the ''happy, happy boughs: that cannot shed----leaves, nor ever bid the spring adieu'' impart a soothing effect to the eyes. A little fountain has been built in the heart of the lawn. When it sprinkles its light shower, it looks fascinating. Then the water of the fountain flows subterraneously to the beds of flowers and trees. The soft, tidy and trimmed grass of the lawn looks like a green velvety floor. It looks sparkling when the rays of sunlight are reflected from the pearl-like dewdrops lying upon the lush grass at dawn. Briefly speaking, the lawn and garden of my house are so attractive that they are persuative proof of my devotion and dedication to my hobby.
I daily devote two hours for the maintenance of the beauty and loveliness of my garden. I daily digs the beds, sprinkle water over the trees and plants and sometime apply manure to the plants to enrich the growth of the garden. I have also placed flowerpots on both sides of the gate and along the wall. These are properly looked after and watered daily. There grows in them a variety of flowers. My garden is perfect in all respects and I love to work and sit there, it has made my house a heaven of serenity and tranquility.
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