What precautions should you take when installing a program?

Taking the following precautions while installing a program:
1. Before starting installations of a program, save your work.
2. Close all other open windows when you install a program.
3. If a program asks you for a system restart after installations, follow the instruction.

How do you install a program using a disk?
follow these steps to install a program:
1. Insert the program disk. The program installer start automatically.
2. Read and follow instructions to install the program.
3. When the installation is complete, click the finish button on the window. the program gets installed.
4. Restart the system if it is recommended by the program. some programs automatically restart windows when you finish program installation.

How do you install a program from any location on your computer?
A program may be saved in your computer. follow these steps to install a program from your computer:
1. Go to the location containing the program.
2. Find the setup file and double-click it. the file opens and the setup for the installations start.
3. Click next to start the installation.
4. Follow the instructions to install the program.
5. Click Finish, Close, OK, Finish installation etc. when the installation is complete. the setup wizard closes.

How to you turn on or off windows components?
To turn windows components on or off, follow these steps:
1. Close all the open program windows after saving your work.
2. Click the Start button. the start menu opens.
3. Click the control panel. the control panel window opens.
4. In the control panel, click uninstall a program under programs. the uninstall or change a program window opens.
5. Click Turn windows features on or off. the turn windows features on or off dialog box opens. the wizard display the components of the windows.
6. Scroll through the components and find the one you want to add or remove.
7. Check or uncheck the checkbox against a feature. a marked check box adds or keeps a components and unmarked one removes the components.
8. Click OK button in the dialog box after making selections. the process of additions or removal of components starts.
9. Click Restart Now button when you are prompted to restart your computer.