With the advancement of science the technology is going high and high. The things that once was though as impossible and were only restricted to the dreams are now a reality. Here is another amazing invention of science the "MULTITOUCH PROJECTOR". It is a machine which looks something like seen in the image given on the man's shoulder.


The device can turn any surface in your common life into a touch screen and you can use it according to your requirements. It allows you to perform any kind of function that you usually do in your smart phones. You may use it to see images, play games, or any thing else. The technology have been successfully experimented and will hit the markets in near future and should be available as commercial devices.

The technology have been developed by the Microsoft's company. They have starved hard to make the skin-put technology before and now this is another victory which have been gifted to them as a result of the hard works they've done. The technology will use anykind of 2-D surface to display your required images or screen whatever the kind of menu it is. You have to use your finger as the mouse to click over it or hover.

The technology really going to attract many customers as soon as it is placed as a commercial product and the company hopes to get much from it. But we have to wait and see how long it will take to make this device a common one.

Here is a video to make you aware of what kind of technology it is.