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What's in his hands? A page of a book or a register torn from it? NO, it' not a page but it does looks like a paper.... This is a new revolution in the world of computer and technology "THE PAPER TABLET", yes it just looks like a sheet of paper but this sheet of paper runs on second generation Intel Core i.5 processor. This is the result of hard works of Canada's Queen University Employs with the help of Intel labs and Plastic logic. The device is actually a 10.7" flexible touch screen, e-reader. And it is estimated that by the year 2020 most of the portable tablets will be in the same colored paper form.

This tablet(or e-reader) had a high resolution plastic display of coarse developed by PLASTIC LOGIC. The main difference between an i-pad and this paper tab is that in paper tab you can use only one app per tab. To do more than one app you may tap/attach other Paper Tabs. You can easily send documents from one tab to other by simply facing them to one another or by tapping them or by screen share and sending draft e-mails. To send a draft e-mail simply face the the tabs,the file will be attached and then to send them just fold upper left corner. To fast forward a video you have to fold the upper side. The Paper Tabs can be joined side by side in order to make your display a bigger one. The best part of this tablet is that this will not break even if you throw it at the wall nor even you bend or fold it.

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This is however the begining and more things are now to be done with this very simple e-reader or tablet. And it is hoped that this technology will now be applied to all computers,laptops,tablet pc's and mobiles. These devices would then be more portable and easy to work with. Atleast you will not have to worry about their falls.

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