Programming Software

A computer language is a special language understood by computer. A computer language is a set of words, symbols and codes that is used to write a computer program.
The process of writing these instructions ( program) is called programming. The people who can write these programs are called programmers.

Popular Programming Software:


It stands for Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. It is a programming language used by beginners.


Its stands for Language Of Graphic Oriented. It is programming language used to draw different shapes and figures.


It stands for Common Business Oriented Language. This language is specially designed for business application.


It stands for Formula Translation. It is one of the oldest H.L.L (high level language). This language was designed to solve scientific problems.

C and C++:

These are the programming language popular on Mini and Microcomputers. These are the most widely used language for developing commercial software applications.


It is a programming language developed to write simple programs. It helps in creating games, animations and develops multimedia effects on internet.

Tools Of Programming Software:

Programming software usually provides tools to assists a programmer in writing programs and software using different programming languages in a more convenient way. The tools are:


Compiler are language processors that translate the complete source program as a whole in a machine code before execution. The C and C++ are examples of compilers.


Interpreters are the language processors that translate each statement of source program into machine code and execute it immediately before translating the next statement. If there is any error in the statement the interpreter terminates its translating process as that statement displays an error message.


Debuggers are the programs that help software developers to find and eliminate bugs (errors) while they are writing programs. Debugger tells the programmers what type of error it finds and marks the exact lines of code where the bugs are found. It allows programmers to run a program step by step so that they can determine exactly when and why a program crashes.

A liker:

A linker or link editor is a program that takes one or more objects generated by compilers and assembles them into a single executable program.

Text editor:

Text editor is computer software that lets a user enter, change, store and usually print text. Notepad and WordPad is the two commonly used text editor in computer systems.