Different Types Of Application Software:

Word Processing Software:
This software is used to create and to edit the documents such as letters, reports, essays, etc. It provides several features for document editing and formatting. In editing process, text is entered into the documents, deleted, copied or moved to another location, etc. in formatting process, different formats can be applied on the text to make the document more attractive before sending it to the printer. The most popular word processing software programs are Microsoft Word and Word Perfect, etc.
Spreadsheet Software:
It is used to store and process data in an electronic sheet having columns and rows. The data is entered into the cells in an electronic sheet. Is can also perform the calculations on numerical data automatically, by entering the formulae and functions. The spreadsheet software is commonly used for business application such as forming financial calculations and recording transactions. The most popular example of spreadsheet software is Microsoft Excel.

Database Management System (DBMS):
This software is used to create and manage databases. A database is a collection of realted information or records on any subject such as records of the books in a library, information about the students in a school, etc. a computer database relies on database software to operations. Microsoft and Access, Oracle are most popular example of Database Management System Software.

Presentation Software:
This software allows you to create documents called presentations, which are used to communicate ideas, messages, and other information to a group. The presentations can be viewed as slides, sometimes called a slide show, that display on a large monitor or on a projection screen. The individual page of presentation is called slide. The slide may be incorporated with text, graphics, movies, sound, etc, to make the viewer art images, which can be inserted into slides and can be modified. Microsoft PowerPoint is an example of presentation graphic software.

Image Editing Software:
This software provides the capabilities of paint software, sometimes called illustration software, and allows alternation and enhancement of scanned images. Users can draw pictures, shapes and other graphical images with various on-screen tools such as a pen, brush, eyedropper and paint bucket. You can retouch photographs, adjust or enhance image colors and add special effects such as shadows and glows. The most popular full-featured image editor is Adobe Photoshop.

Communication Software:
Computers are widely used to share information and communicate with others. For personal and business purposes also, users have a variety of software options for communication. The communication software is used to exchange information electronically. It is the most commonly used software to send and receive information on the internet. It also allows sending and receiving faxes directly. The computer files can also be transferred from one computer to another through this software. The email software (outlook), web browsers (internet explorer), etc are the examples of communication software.

Multimedia Software:
This software allows users to create and play audio and video media. It is capable of playing media files. Audio converters, players, burners, video encoders and decoders are some of the functions of multimedia software. Examples of this type of software include Real Player, Windows Media Player, etc.