What is
a drive?
A drive is a device that contains data and reads and writes data.

What are different types of drives in a computer?
There are following different types of drives in the computer:
Hard disk drive
CD/DVD-ROM drive

How do you recognize a drive?
Each drive can be recognized by its name and icon.

What is a partition?
A partition is a division of a hard disk. It is also called the local drive. It is a storage location of a hard disk.

How do you recognize a partition?
A partition has a special icon to recognize it. It is usually named as Local ( C ).

What is an optical disk drive?
It is a drive that read data on an optical disk.

How are optical drives named on a computer?

These drives are named with the letters next to the local disk drives.

What is a folder?
A folder is a named location on a computer to save data. Folders are also called directories. Each folder may have more folders or files in it.

What is a sub-folder?
A folder inside another folder is called a sub-folder.

What is a file?
A file is a collection of the actual data stored.

What is a file extension?

A file name is followed by the program extension. This extension is information about the program that can open the file. Files with .docx for example, can be opened by MS word.

What is Windows Media Player?
Window Media Player is a program for playing video and audio files and disks. It can also write audio files on optical disks. It can also be used to view pictures.

What is a prompt message?
A prompt asks what you want to do with the disk or any other media.

What is the seek bar?
The seek bar is a bar in the Media Player window. It displays how much a video or audio has played.

How do you use the seek bar?
The seek bar lets the user play a clip from any point onward. Move the cursor on the seek bar to some point. The cursor Changes to a hand. Click anywhere on the seek bar. The clip already playing starts playing from that point.