What is the application software?

Application software is also called an application, or an end-user program. it is the software designed to perform some specific function for the user.

What is the relationship between the application software and the operating system?
The application software is unable to run without the operating system and system utilities. Each application is compatible with a specific operating system. It cannot be used with any other operating system. Software for mobile phones and windows, for example, may not necessarily run on Macintosh.

In how many categories can the application software be divided?
Application software can be divided into the following categories.
1. Business Software
2. Graphics and multimedia software
3. Home, personal, or educational software
4. Communication software

What is the purpose of the business software?
Business software assists users in businesses. Businessmen can be more effective and efficient by using it.

Name some types of business software?
Some are as follows:
1. Word processing
2. Spreadsheet software
3. Database processors
4. Presentation software

What are word processors?
Word processors are programs used instead of typewriters and handwriting.

What are the advantages of word processors?

Word processors have the following advantages:
1. Text can be formatted in a word processor
2. Many word processor can add pictures, tables etc
3. Documents can be prepared easily and hastily

Name some popular word processors?
Some popular word processors are Microsoft Word, pages by apple, Corel WordPerfect, etc.

What is a spreadsheet?
Spreadsheets are used for calculations or analysis. Most common spreadsheet is Microsoft Excel, Numbers by Apple, Corel Quattro Pro.

Define database?
An arranged set of data held in a computer is called database.

Give examples of database software?
Microsoft Access, Corel Paradox, Oracle Database and MySQL are database programs.
What is a presentation?
Presentation is a formal introduction or explanation made to a group.

Name some common presentation applications?
Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, and Corel Presentations are some common presentation applications.

For whom is graphics and multimedia software developed?
This software is developed especially for engineers, architects, publishers and graphic artists. it allows them to work with graphics and multimedia.

What can the user do with the multimedia and graphics software?

The users can design products using this software. they can edit images, video, and audio. They can create web pages.

Name some graphics and multimedia software program?
Adobe Indesign, AutoCAD, Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Director, Adobe Dream weaver are some commonly used graphics and multimedia programs.

What is the purpose of personal software?
Personal software is mostly used for personal finance, tax preparation, painting or image editing, image management, traveling and mapping, reference and entertainment.

Name some personal and home software programs?
Microsoft publisher( for publishing blogs) , CorelDraw (for image editing), Adobe Photoshop( for photo editing), Microsoft windows live movie maker ?(for video editing), Microsoft paint( for painting) , Google earth, and Google Maps( for travel and mapping), media players, and computer games ( for entertainment).

Name some educational software programs?

Merriam-Webster collegiate dictionary and thesaurus, Microsoft MSN Encarta, Britannica deluxe, or Britannica ultimate reference are some examples of educational software.

What is the purpose of the communication software?

Communication software is used to send and receive data remotely. This data is carried through transmission media, usually telephone lines. Text messages can also be sent through communication software. Communication software allows user to create blogs. They can hold video conferences. The users can access piles of information on the internet. They can also access online learning tutorials.
Which programs are used mostly for communications?
Most of the communication is done by using web browsers.

Name some popular web browsers?
Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera are some popular web browsers.