How many parts has the system software?
It can be divided into the following two categories:
1. Operating system 2. Utilities

2. Why is the operating system called so?
It is operating because it makes a computer functional. A collection of different components is called a system. The system software consists of many components. It is called the operating system.

What is the function of the operating system?
The operating system performs the following functions:
1. It controls the computer.
2. It controls the applications installed in the computer
3. It provides the users a platform for working.

What is the interface?
The way a computer lets a user interact is called the interface.

What are two types of user interface?
Graphical User Interface and Command Line User Interface are two types of interface.

Why is the graphical user interface called so?
It is called so because it usually has tools in the form of graphic pictures called icons or buttons. These tools actually give commands to the computer.

What is Windows?
Windows is an operating system that uses Graphical User Interface (GUI).

What are utilities?
Utilities are programs that are usually related to the management of a computer and data. Utilities do not produce anything.

Give some examples of utilities?
Window Explorer, Partition Manager, Application Launcher etc are examples of Utilities.

Give an example of a Utility?
Disk defragmenter is an example of a utility. follow these steps to use disk defragmenter:
1. Open Windows Explorer
2. Click computer
3. Select and right click any hard disk drive, for example D. a menu opens.
4. Click properties in this menu. the properties in this menu. The properties window opens.
5. Click tools tab.
6. Click Defragment Now button. The Disk Defragmenter utility opens.
7. Select a disk for example D.
8. Click the Analyze disk button. Disk analysis starts and the result are displayed.
9. If the disk is fragmented, click the Defragment disk button. Disk defragmentation starts.

What is fragmentation and defragmentation?
Data files are usually located as single wholes. Sometimes a piece of data is broken up into many pieces that are not closer together. Each piece is called a fragment. Fragmented files can be reassembled. This is called Defragmentations.

What is the drawback of fragmented files?
Fragmented files makes computer do extra work. The computer as a result slows down.

What is the function of disk defragmenter?
The disk defragmenter analyzes the computer for fragmented data, then it defragments the fragmented data.