What is input?
Entering an instruction or data into a computer is called input.

What are input devices?
The devices used to put data into the computer are called input devices.

Name the most commonly used input devices?

The Keyboard, Mouse, Touch screen, Game controller, Web cam, Scanner, Graphic tablet and Joystick are the most commonly used input devices.

What are the forms of input?
The input is in two forms: data and instructions.

What are different forms of data?

The data may be text, image, a video or audio.

Where are the instructions from input devices passed?

The instructions are passed to the processor and then executed.

What happens after instructions are given to the computer?

When an instruction is given to a computer, it is passed to the memory.

Where are instructions passed to from the memory?
Instructions, from the memory are passed to the processor.

What happens in the processor?
The instruction is executed in the process.

What is the process of executing called?

The whole process of executing is called processing.

Where does the processing take place?
All the processing takes places ion the central processing unit. it is shortly called the CPU.

What is storing?
Keeping information safely for future use in a storage devices is called storage.

When does the storage take place?
Storage i followed by processing. sometimes the storage stage does not interface. in this case, output follows processing.

What is Output?

The output is the result of executions of a command.

What happens after execution?

When execution completes, the result is displayed.

What are different forms of output?

The output can be various forms. it can be text, graphics, audio or video.

Describe the information processing shortly.

The computer accepts data in the form of input either from the storage or from output devices. The computer performs some process on the data. The result is the information in the form of output. This output information sometimes is also stored. This whole process is called the information processing cycle.