Choice the word or phrase that best completes each statement.

1. Which type of software is used for creating slide shows?
a) Web design software
b) Presentation software
c) Word-processing software
d) Spreadsheet software

2. Which of the following devices stores instructions that help the computer start up?
a) Joystick
b) RAM
c) ROM
d) Monitor

3. Which type of disk can store up to 17 gigabytes of data?
a) Floppy disk
b) Compact disk
c) Optical disc
d) Digital video disc

4. A ______________ can perform both input and output functions.
a) Trackball
b) Microphone
c) Communications device
d) CPU

5. Because computer data has been reduced to numbers, it is described as being _____________.
a) Digital
b) Numeric
c) Information
d) Processed

6. Which type of software would you use to make the computer perform a specific task, such as writing a letter or drawing a picture?
a) Application software
b) Utility software
c) Operating system software
d) System software

7. A file that the user can open and use is called ___________.
a) Application
b) Documents
c) Program
d) Data

8. Generally, a ________________ cannot be removed from the computer.
a) Mouse
b) Keyboard
c) Diskette
d) Hard disk

9. You can use this output device when you need only to see information.
a) Printer
b) Speaker
c) Monitor
d) Communication

10. Which of the following units represents the largest amount of data?
a) Kilobyte
b) Terabyte
c) Gigabyte
d) megabyte