Fill in the blanks.

1. There is more room in storage than in ___________ in a computer.
Answer: Memory

2. A device that holds a disk is called a __________.
Answer: Drive

3. ___________ Software is used for tasks such as managing disks and troubleshooting hardware problems.
Answer: Utility

4. A complete __________________ refers to the combination of hardware, software, data, and people.
Answer: Computer System

5. A ___________ is a set of data or program instructions that has been given a name.
Answer: Software

6. A _________ is a device that holds a disk.
Answer: Disk Drive

7. Electronic instructions that tell the computerís hardware what to do are known as _____________________.
Answer: Software Operating System

8. In a magnetic disk drive, a special device called the ______________ reads data from and writes data to diskís surface.
Answer: read/write heads

9. Operating systems fall into the category of ____________ software.
Answer: System Of

10. One _____ is roughly equivalent to one million bytes of data.
Answer: MB

11. The ___________________ includes four stages: input, processing, output, and storage.
Answer: Information Process

12. Data and program instructions are temporarily held in ____________ while the processor is using them.
Answer: RAM

13. The generic term ___________ refers to a piece of hardware.
Answer: Device