Fill in the blanks:

1. Any computer is controlled by .
Answer: Instructions.

2. Which of these is a powerful type of personal computer, favored by professionals such as engineers?
Answer: Workstation

3. Which type of computer will you most likely encounter at the department of Motor vehicles?
Answer: Mainframe

4. The _________ is the case that holds the computerís critical components.
Answer: CPU

5. A ____________ is a specialized; single-user computer that typically has more power than a standard PC.
Answer: Workstation

6. When not in use a __________computer folds up for easy storage.
Answer: Note book

7. A tablet PC lets you use a ________ to tap or write directly on the screen.
Answer: Stylus

8. A popular type of handheld computer is the __________.
Answer: Personal Digital Assistant

9. A __________ is usually a powerful personal computer that functions as the primary computer in a network.
Answer: Network server

10. In a traditional mainframe environment, each user accesses the mainframe through a device called _______ .
Answer: Terminal

11. A terminal is an example of a _____________.
Answer: input/output

12. The capabilities of a ___________ are somewhere between mainframes and personal computers.
Answer: Minicomputer

13. __________ are the most powerful computers made.
Answer: Super Computer